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10 Must-haves Before and After Knee Replacement Surgery

Shweta Chaubey

A knee replacement surgery is a huge step towards regaining an active and pain-free life. Whether you're prepping for the procedure or navigating recovery after knee replacement surgery, having the right things by your side can make a significant difference.  

To help you make your knee surgery a bit easier, HPFY is here with ten must-haves before and after knee replacement surgery. 

What You’ll Need Before and After Knee Replacement Surgery 

1. Exercise tools 

Use exercise tools like resistance bands, exercise mats, balance aids, and ankle weights for low-impact strength training before the surgery. Do exercises like leg lifts, knee extensions, and other activities to target the muscles around the knee.  

According to a research paper by NIH, strengthening exercises before knee replacement surgery are crucial to prepare the knee joint and surrounding muscles for the procedure. Gentle exercising helps reduce pain and swelling, improves range of motion, and enhances post-operative recovery.  

Exercising contributes to better surgical outcomes and boosts confidence and well-being. However, it is crucial to talk to your physical therapist or a nurse before using these products. 


2. Safety bar 

Shower safety bars or grab bars are essential when preparing for knee replacement surgery or post-operative recovery. These simple installments enhance your safety and reduce the risk of accidents or falls in the shower. 

In the days and weeks following knee replacement surgery, you may experience discomfort and reduced mobility. Safety bars make the experience less taxing on the healing knee. Installing a grab bar days or weeks before the procedure will help you get used to it and be comfortable. 



3. Bath bench or shower chair 

Before knee replacement surgery, putting a sturdy bath bench or shower chair in your bathroom is a good idea. Knee replacement surgery can lead to temporary immobility and reduced balance.  

During the recovery from knee surgery, movement may be painful or challenging. A bath bench or shower chair allows you to sit properly while you shower, eliminating the need to stand or balance on one leg, which can be both painful and risky in the initial phase of knee surgery recovery. 



4. Toilet seat riser 

A toilet seat riser, as the name suggests, raises the seat level. Installing a toilet seat riser before knee surgery makes sitting and standing after the surgery safer and helps in maintaining dignity and independence while your knee heals.  

A seat riser, preferably with handles, ensures a safer and more comfortable recovery process and helps maintain personal hygiene.  



5. Cold Therapy Products 

Cold therapy after knee replacement helps with immediate pain relief. Using a knee ice wrap numbs the surgical area and reduces inflammation. It can also help in pain management without drugs and prevent the chances of opioid dependency. 

Cold therapy machines promote better circulation and tissue oxygenation to accelerate the recovery from knee replacement. Moreover, cold therapy improves the ability to move the knee after the surgery, making rehabilitation exercises more effective. 



6. Reaching aid 

In the initial stages of knee replacement recovery, when the knee is still healing, injury or overexertion poses as a serious concern. A reacher is a valuable daily living aid for individuals undergoing surgery. It allows you to grab objects from the floor or high shelves without bending or stretching excessively.  

A reacher grabber promotes independence and lets you perform everyday tasks without relying on others for assistance. Reacher come in various lengths and designs, making them versatile tools for multiple tasks, such as picking up dropped items, reaching for clothing or kitchen utensils, or even turning on light switches that are out of reach. 



7. Dressing and grooming aids 

The struggle to put on clothing or shoes can enhance the risk of losing balance and falling. Dressing aids play a crucial role in recovering from knee replacement surgery.  

Dressing and grooming aids such as long-handled shoehorns, dressing sticks, and elastic shoelaces minimize the need for strenuous bending or stretching, reducing strain on the healing knee. These products help promote a sense of independence and maintain dignity during the recovery process. 



8. Elevation wedges and pillows 

Knee elevators, known as elevation pillows or wedges, should definitely find their way into your must-haves after and before knee replacement surgery. A leg or knee elevator lift the leg, keeping it in an elevated position above the level of the heart. It reduces swelling and pain in the initial stages of knee recovery.  

Additionally, it also supports physical therapy after knee replacement surgery. Leg elevators ensure the knee is relaxed and well-supported, promoting comfort during rest, especially while sleeping. 


9. Walkers, Crutches, and Canes 

Walkers, canes, and crutches are mobility aids that help you stay active after and before knee replacement surgery.  

Walkers are stable, four-legged frames that provide maximum support and balance for individuals with limited mobility. As one progresses in their recovery from knee replacement, they can put more weight on their operated knee while using a walker. 

Similarly, a single-legged cane helps distribute weight away from the operated knee while walking, reducing strain and discomfort. A cane is suitable for those who need moderate support but have better stability than those in the early stages of recovery.  

Crutches are lightweight, two-legged devices that provide support and balance while walking. Crutches offer support during the initial stages of recovery when bearing weight is difficult. It helps in moving safely while keeping weight off the affected knee. You can use crutches along with a walker and a cane in the initial stages for a smoother recovery from total knee replacement surgery.   


10. Non-skid products 

After replacement surgery, buy non-skid slipper socks, handheld showerheads with non-slip grip, and nonskid bathmats. Non-skid products prevent slips and falls during the rehabilitation period.  

  • Non-slip mats or rugs reduce the chances of slipping on wet or slippery surfaces. 
  • Non-slip shoes or socks enhance stability and prevent sliding, even on smooth floors. 
  • Handheld showerheads with non-slip grips provide better control and grip during bathing, reducing the risk of slipping in the shower. 

Everything matters when it comes to knee surgery, from pre-surgery preparation to post-operative care. Always consult your doctor for more personalized guidance before buying essentials before and after knee replacement surgery and have a smooth and quick recovery. 

Where can I buy essential products before and after knee replacement surgery? 

HPFY has been your partner in your journey of recovery since 2002. We offer a wide range of rehabilitation essentials including the essentials needed before and after knee replacement surgery. Explore our catalog today and find the best pick for you.  


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