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What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema refers to a condition in which excess fluid is collected in tissues and causes swelling due to blockage in the lymphatic system. It is commonly caused due to damage or removal of the lymph nodes as a part of cancer treatment. Sometimes lymphedema can be a congenital anomaly present at birth. Lymphedema often occurs in the upper extremities or lower extremities but can also occur in other areas like the face, neck, trunk, abdomen, and genitals. Along with the swelling, there can be a pain, numbness, tightness, and also infection.

While currently, there is no cure for lymphedema, one can control it. Swelling may be brought down and discomfort reduced. For mild lymphedema, a compression garment may be the initial treatment. For moderate to severe lymphedema, the treatment program, CDT, or Complex decongestive physiotherapy is recommended. It combines several therapies like direct lymphatic massage, exercise, compression garments, and lymphedema pumps.

At HPFY, we offer a wide range of compression garments like socks, stockings, gloves, gauntlets, sleeves, and bras to control lymphedema effectively and safely. They aid in bringing down the swelling significantly. These are manufactured by leading names like BSN Medical and Wear Ease Inc. to name a few.

What are Compression Garments?

Compression garments play a pivotal role in maintaining the results obtained through CDT. The lymphatic fluids are removed using a series of therapies, and treatments would accumulate again without compression making long-term lymphedema management impossible. Compression garments are made up of various materials and provide varying levels of compression, from gentle to extra firm. The external support and compression provided by compression garments are very important in the management of lymphedema. The lymphatic fluids that are removed using a series of therapies and treatments would accumulate again without compression making long-term lymphedema management impossible.

How do Compression Garments work for Lymphedema?

  • These garments are worn post-CDT by people with lymphedema on the affected body part in order to prevent re-accumulation of lymphatic fluid.
  • These garments compress the arm or leg to ensure that the lymph fluid flows in the regular direction rather than flowing out.
  • A compression garment can be custom made or purchased over the counter.
  • Compression garments must be worn all day long, every day to reduce fluid retention.
  • They must be replaced from time to time as these sleeves lose their compression.
  • Always have your garments properly fitted by a professional to ensure proper compression.
  • An Inappropriately fitted garment or poorly manufactured garment can result in severe pain and discomfort.

The Farrow Medical Basic Leg Piece and Wear Ease Compression T-shirts are designed to help manage the swelling that results from surgery or lymphedema.

Subsequently, doctors recommend Post-surgical compression bras like Wear Ease Post Surgery Compression Bra for use immediately after breast cancer surgery. These bras are designed to provide gentle compression all around the torso for women with post-surgical discomfort or breast lymphedema.

Things to keep in mind while buying Lymphedema Garments

  • Always consult a therapist before buying lymphedema garments.
  • Make sure your garments are properly fitted by a professional to ensure proper compression. An inappropriately fitted garment will not deliver the compression level necessary to address your condition and make your situation worse.
  • The garment should not cause any pain, numbness, or tingling. If you experience those symptoms, then take off the garment and consult your physician as soon as possible.
  • Compression garments must be worn all day long and taken off at night or directed by the physician.
  • Buy two garments at a time, one that you wear and one for washing. Follow the washing instructions. Dry the garment flat and away from direct heat.
  • You should replace them every 4-6 months as they lose shape with washing and can not apply proper compression.
  • If there are no changes in your size or swelling, you can order garments directly from the manufacturer. If the body part has changed size, you may need to get it measured for the new garment.
  • Avoid using hand creams or moisturizers before putting your garment on, as ingredients in these creams can break down the fibers over time.

Where to buy Lymphedema Garments?

Health Products For You deals with all kinds of lymphedema garments that keep the fluid from pooling and enhance the flow towards the heart. Buy compression garments for lymphedema control from top manufacturers, including Solaris, Cardinal Health, and Farrow Medical Innovations, at the best prices.

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