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Enteral feeding devices are designed to improve the quality of life of patients and non-patients who have a normal functioning gastrointestinal tract but require assisted nutrition delivery or enteral feeding because of their inability to chew, drink or swallow the normal way. It may also be needed for patients with motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, chronic neurological or mechanical dysphagia or gut dysfunction. At HPFY we offer a complete line of products for adult, neonates and infants to help them live a normal lifestyle. Our product range includes enteral nutrition, enteral feeding, feeding tubes and enteral pumps. They ensure patient safety and accurate delivery of nutrition.

Who Requires Enteral Feeding?

Enteral feeding is usually required for those who have poor voluntary intake of food, are critically ill or have had surgery and therefore have limited intake of food. Children may need it in specific cases like malnutrition, to meet increased energy requirements or metabolic disorders. Nourishment, fluids and medication are delivered directly into the gastrointestinal (GI) tract through a tube, a catheter or a surgically-made hole into the GI tract. The person may stay on enteral feed for a few days or remain on it permanently, depending on his condition.

Types of Enteral Feeding Tubes

Selection of enteral feeding tube is based upon the duration of feed and the enteral formula the patient needs. There are varying kinds of feeding tubes and you can select the one you need depending on the size and type. Our products are ideal for home enteral feeding.

  • Gastronomy feeding tube is inserted surgically or endoscopically directly into the stomach through the abdominal wall. 
  • Jejunal feeding tube is inserted through the abdominal wall, then the stomach and extended into the jejunum.  
  • Nasogastric feeding tubes are available with anti-clog feeding port and inserted into the stomach through the nose.  
  • For children, there are pediatric nasogastric feeding tubes with polyvinyl chloride tubes to decompress, administer feeding, medication and irrigation on a short-term basis.  
  • Enteral feeding complications have reduced because of advanced technique and introduction of fine bore nasoenteral feeding tubes. These are flexible, easier to insert and painless.

Made of premium grade material, our selection of tubes is designed to prevent kinking and collapse during aspiration of stomach contents. There are also kits for simultaneous jejuna feeding and gastric decompression. We have high quality enteral feeding tubes from Kendall and Compat in varying sizes for maximum accuracy.

Which Enteral Feeding Pump Is Best For You?

Enteral feeding is administered through a syringe, a gravity feeding set or a feeding pump depending on the nature of the feed. We have a whole line of versatile enteral feeding pumps and Lopez Valve for the administration of enteral formulas. With their simple, intuitive interface they ensure accuracy. Selection of the feeding pump depends on individual requirement and preference. Pumps mounted on IV poles allow full mobility to those who are active. People always on-the-go can take the pump along in a custom-designed enteral feeding pump backpack. We carry pumps which are highly accurate, reliable, easy to set up and simple to operate. 

The Kangaroo Joey pump from Covidien/Kendall is the first hydrating and ambulatory enteral device available. It is portable and lightweight allowing complete mobility with accurate and reliable function. We also carry a whole line of quality feeding pump sets designed to promote patient comfort by ensuring safe and efficient enteral feeding.

Enteral Feeding Formulas

Enteral nutrition is the prepared food for delivering to an enteral-fed person. It includes high-nitrogen diet, total enteral nutrition, high protein drinks with fiber, metabolic stress drinks, abnormal glucose tolerance drinks and calorie as well as protein dense nutritional drinks from well-known brands like Nutren, Ensure, Jevity, Osmolite, Vivonex, Pediasure and Similac. All these are excellent source of vitamins, minerals and protein. You can also buy peptide-based nutritional drink for metabolic stress, nutritional drink for people with COPD and advance infant formula with iron. These can be delicious meal supplement or replacement designed to support the body’s natural immune system. 

Also buy your enteral feeding accessories from top makers of enteral feeding products including Covidien/Medtronic, Nestle Nutrition, Kimberly-Clark/Halyard, Abbott, Corpak, Alcor Scientific, Moog Inc, Medline Industries and Bard Inc.