Drinking Aids

Drinking Aids are designed to assist individuals in drinking while reducing accidental spills. They are ideal for people with hand tremors, dysphagia, reduced upper limb strength and other swallowing issues. Disabled drinking aids like mugs, drinking cups for elderly, straws, etc. are easy to pick up, hold and drink. They allow individuals to drink liquids independently without any assistance. Health Products For You provides drinking utensils from popular manufacturers like Maddak, Freedom Distributors, Medline Industries, North Coast Medical, etc.

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Types of Drinking Aids

There are different types of drinking aids available like cups with handles, cups with lids and spouts, cup holders and straws.

  • Cups with Handles - Cups with handles help people who face difficulty in lifting or stabilizing cups. They provide dual handles for a better grip. 
  • Cups with Lids or Spouts - These cups with lids or built-in straws help people with swallowing difficulties in regulating fluid flow. 
  • Cup Holders Cup holders attach to wheelchairs or any smooth and clean surface. They keep the drink stable and do not let it go even if bumped or hit. 
  • Straws - Drinking straws help those who have difficulty in using their hands to lift or drink from cups.

What causes difficulty in handling cups?

Following are the reasons which cause difficulties in handling cups and drinking successfully:

  • Reduced grip due to pain, joint deformity or stiffness 
  • Inability to control the amount of liquid entering in the mouth 
  • Loss of sensation in hands, and as a result of that the user has difficulty feeling the cup he/she is holding 
  • Stiffness or pain in arms, neck and shoulders, making it difficult to bring the cup close to mouth 
  • Sight loss or impaired vision 
  • Lack of muscle control 
  • Slow movements