Best Hip Supports: Hip Abduction Braces, Hip pads And Hip Protectors


Hip Protectors like are specifically designed underwear with form pads or plastic shields on the sides of the leg or thighs to protect against fracture in elderly people upon a fall. A hip brace like DonJoy X-Act ROM Hip Brace or a hip orthosis such as Ottobock Tubingen Pediatric Hip Abduction Orthosis is ideal for better orientation of hip for pain relief. Anyone who has undergone a hip surgery or dislocation of hip will need a hip abduction brace to restrict the hip movement and in turn quicker recovery. A hip abduction brace helps keeping the hips and knees apart, which stabilises the excessive motion and guards the hip against re-injury. Majorly hip braces are the best aid aiming patient’s recovery from delicate hip surgery.

At HPFY, we bring to you a wide range of abductors and hipsters with sewn-in hip shields. These hip stabilizers are made of high quality materials and designed to reduce the frequency of hip fractures. Choose from a collection of hip protection products from top manufacturers like Tytex INC., Hely & Weber, Skil Care Corp and more. Buy today to grab them at best prices!

What are the types of Hip Protectors?

Soft Hip Protectors

Soft hip protectors comprise of soft and stretchy protection pads. It is because of this reason the body retains its natural shape and it does not emerges separately.

Hard Hip Protectors

Hard hip protectors are the ones with stiff and rigid plastic protection shields.  These provide better protection. However, these are easily evident.

Removable or Sewn-In Pads

Hip protectors can be also categorised on the basis of removable or sewn-in pads. The removable pads are taken off when laundering.  And there are protectors where they sew the pads into the garments.  These pads are washable and can be used in machine and dryer.

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