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The hip is one of the most important joints in the human body, which consists of a ball and socket aiding in the proper movement of the body. The hip joint is held together by ligaments, tendons, and a joint capsule.

If this arrangement gets altered due to an injury or surgery, it causes pain and inflammation and severely diminishes mobility and range of motion. Hip pain can be debilitating and interfere with everyday activities like standing, walking, and running.

What is a Hip Brace used for? 

The hip brace is designed to support the hip joint, keep it aligned, hold the thigh bone in the hip socket, protect against injuries, and relieve pain resulting from hip abnormalities. Hip braces are used for various purposes, including: 

HPFY offers a large array of hip braces that help immobilize and stabilize the hip and relieve pain resulting from arthritis, hip disorders, and hip replacement surgery. Our catalog includes hip braces, hip stabilizers, hip pads and protectors, SI belts, etc., from top brands like SafeHip, Unloader, Donjoy, and many more at affordable prices.  

Conditions that Require Wearing a Hip Support Brace  

Hip braces are used for various conditions, including:  

Types of Hip Braces  

1. Hip Abduction Brace  

It is usually prescribed after hip surgery or hip dislocation. The hip abduction brace helps keep the hips and knees apart at a certain angle, limits excessive hip movement, and holds the thigh bone into the hip socket to promote safe healing. Hip abduction orthosis is also recommended for treating hip dysplasia in adults and children.  

The hip abduction brace needs to be worn at all times and for as long as directed by your doctor. If you are allowed to remove the hip brace during the night, it is advised that you put on the brace before you get out of bed.  

2. Hip Pads  

A hip protector is a specialized form of underwear with plastic shields or foam pads fitted in pockets on the sides to prevent hip fractures following a fall. It is recommended for use by older people, people with low bone density, or people with osteoporosis, as they are the most vulnerable to fractures if they fall.  

Hip pads absorb the impact of a fall and help protect the hip joint. When wearing it, ensure the padding stays in place over the hip bone for ultimate protection. HPFY offers discreet and comfortable hip pads for both men and women, such as SafeHip Unisex Hip Protector. 

3. SI Belt  

A SI (sacroiliac) belt is worn around the hip to support the sacroiliac joint, restore its function, and help reduce pain and inflammation. It is primarily a supportive brace that provides stability to sacroiliac joints, limits excessive or abnormal movements, and helps regain their natural movement.  

The sacroiliac belt is used to treat various conditions, including pelvic pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, sacroiliac dysfunction, pelvis girdle dysfunction, piriformis syndrome, etc. HPFY offers a collection of hip belts, including the top-reviewed Serola Belt, which provides the best solution to SI joint problems.  

Benefits of using Hip Brace

A hip brace aims to stabilize your hip and pelvic area after injury, trauma, or surgery. It can also:  

Where can I buy a Hip Brace Online?  

Health Products For You carries a vast collection of Hip support braces that can provide stability, reduce pain, and promote recovery. It is always recommended to consult your medical provider before using any hip brace. Based on your condition, the doctor will suggest a brace and guide you on using it safely. 

We supply the finest quality hip braces from leading manufacturers such as Ossur/Royce Medical, Otto Bock, Tytex, Core Products, and many more at the best prices with exclusive offers and discounts. Shop for hip rehab today and return to your normal life as quickly as possible.  

Articles and Research Papers on Hip Orthosis  

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