Jump Ropes and Agility

A jumping and agility training helps in enhancing speed, quickness and balance. Jump Rope is also known as skipping rope and it is an indispensable part of the jumping exercise in which one or more people jump over a rope as it goes in a circular motion under their feet or over their head. Jump rope exercises may be performed in several variations like single freestyle jump, speed jump, pair jump, three person speed jump, three person freestyle jump and more. In order to perform jumping exercise properly you must have a properly fitted rope such that the handles reach your armpits. At HPFY you will find all products for jumping and agility training at effective prices. Try now!

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Benefits of Skipping Exercise

  • Burns calories 

  • Increases agility and quickness 

  • Increases bone density  

  • Good for brain 

  • Increases elasticity and resiliency of lower leg muscles 

  • Improves coordination

Agility training improves strength and endurance while improving your speed and quickness. It enhances the speed at which you can move your arms and legs. Agility provides you with the ability to quickly change direction. Agility training is beneficial for people who struggle moving side to side or find themselves off balance many times. At HPFY we have a range of agility equipment to choose from. Agility ladders are simple and portable piece of equipment that can be used for drills like forward running, high knee drill, lateral running or side to side drills. Stacking cones help in performing dot drills. Weighted hurdles are used by athletes to build power, speed and improve coordination which helps them in enhancing their sports performance.  

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