Nebulizer Compressors are designed to compress air or oxygen that flows at high velocity through liquid medication and turn into a white mist that can be inhaled. The tubing in the nebulizer is connected to the compressor which when powered provides an air flow so that the liquid inside the cup can be drawn into flow resulting in a cloudy mist which can be inhaled more easily by the patient. The compressed air can also be stored when not in use. The Machine consists of a valve to control the flow of Oxygen/Air as and when it is required.

Types of compressors

Air/Pressure Compressors

These type of compressors provide compressed air for nebulization. These are portable compressed air sources that can be used to drive complex nebulizing systems. These are easy to clean systema as both the filters are outside the box. As in case of the PM15 Compressor.

Heavy Duty Compressors

These are durable and heavy duty compressors that offer high performance anywhere when aerosol treatment is needed. These compressors are designed to supply compressed air to high volume nebulizers like the Precision Medical EasyComp Air Compressor.

PSI Compressors

PSI refers to pounds per square inch which is a measure of force i.e. how much pressure is in a certain area. These type of compressors provide for the most efficient and high pressure performance. PSI compressors provide the perfect air pressure required for optimal particle size, i.e. 2 microns or less as with the Drive CHAD 50 PSI Compressor.

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