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Dining and drinking aids are designed for people who have difficulty holding everyday cutlery, cups and plates due to limited dexterity or age related conditions. They help make mealtimes easier and more enjoyable. These drinking and dining aids allow users to drink and feed by themselves enhancing the well being or dignity of the users. They are uniquely designed to accord independence when elderly people or those with some disability eat or drink. Health Products For You offers dining and drinking aids from popular manufacturers like Maddak, North Coast Medical, Essential Medical, Medline Industries, etc.

Who all can use Dining and Drinking Aids?

Eating and drinking aids can make mealtimes easier, quicker and less complicated for individuals living with arthritis, weak grip, visual impairment, less strength in arms, post-stroke symptoms, wrist fractures, hand tremor, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis and cerebal palsy.

Types of Eating and Drinking Aids

Health Products For You provides a wide range of special needs drinking cups, easy grip utensils, feeding systems, adaptive plates and bowls.

Drinking Aids

Drinking aids are designed for both children and adults who face difficulty while drinking. There are reusable straws, glass holders, insulated mugs, unbreakable tumblers, etc. available to make drinking an easy task for users. They make users independent and build self-confidence in them.

Easy Grip Utensils

Easy grip utensils assist individuals with weak grasp, tremor, lack of muscle control or restricted hand movement eat independently. They include knives, forks, spoons, weighted utensils, built-up handles and many similar items.

Feeding Assist

For people who have low dexterity and physical disabilities, feeding assist systems prove to be very beneficial. They allow users to feed independently when adaptive cutlery is not suitable. These assistive devices deliver food to mouth through a rotating plate and an electrically or manually operated spoon.

Plates and Bowls

Adaptive plates and bowls help individuals with reduced hand movement eat independently with dignity. The unique shapes and features of these dining aids solve all the self-feeding difficulties.