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What is an Unna Boot Bandage?

Unna boot is a compression bandage that treats the slow healing of lower leg wounds and ulcers. This Boot for venous stasis ulcers offers pain relief and quicker healing of wounds that tend to heal slowly. The Unna Boots for lymphedema or other weeping leg wounds has two functions - it provides compression and prevents dryness. Compression helps decrease swelling, while the medicated cream helps prevent the skin from dryness. Unna wraps are gauze dressings soaked in a zinc oxide paste, which helps ease skin irritation and keep the area moist.

Unna Boot Application

Unna boot application, a medical practitioner requires a -

How to apply Unna Boot?

These boots are designed for people with chronic swelling, soreness, extreme pain, or wounds that weep. This boot dressing helps reduce swelling, which aids in faster healing of weeping leg wounds.

  1. Wrap the bandage starting from the base of the toes till below the knee of the patient. The zinc paste dressing is wrapped by rolling it around multiple times and folding a little to form a crease.
  2. Now wrap the cast padding on the Unna dressing from the base to below the knee.
  3. Afterward, apply the Coban to the same area to hold the dressing in place.

Unna Boot Wound Care Tips

1. The Do's

While in an Unna boot bandage, you should -

2. The Donts

While in an Unna boot for weeping legs, you should not -

3. Unna Boot Wrap Home Tips

Frequently Asked Questions about Unna's Boot Dressing

1. How often are Unna Boots changed?

An Unna Boot is left on for up to 7 days before changing. Patients are advised to have their boots changed once or twice per week until the wound or ulcer has healed. The condition of the wound site is assessed to determine if another Unna Boot needs to be applied. One may need to use these boots for a few weeks until the wound heals and the exudate stops. Usually, the Unna Boot is applied multiple times until the patient is ready to be transitioned to a dry compression wrap or a compression stocking.

2. How many layers is an Unna boot?

Unna boots are a 3-4 layered compression wrap applied by a podiatrist to help with many different conditions such as venous stasis ulcers.

3. When should you use an Unna boot?

It is a compression dressing often used to protect an ulcer or open wound. The compression of the dressing helps improve blood flow in your lower leg. Compression also helps decrease swelling and pain.

4. How do you remove Unna boots?

It is removed by unwinding or cutting it with bandage scissors.

5. Is an Unna boot dressing effective?

It is an inelastic compression bandage used to promote drainage and venous support, improving the healing of the ulcer. During rest and muscle contraction, the compression acts on the macrocirculation, increasing the venous return and tissue pressure and offering support in the reabsorption of edema. Additionally, the layers help recover the fluids in the tissue spaces inside the vascular and lymphatic systems.

The main Unna boot purpose lies in promoting lesion healing and preventing inflammation.

Where to buy Unna's Boot online?

Health Products For You offers a wide array of superior quality Unna Boots for Lymphedema that promote satisfactory development of granulation tissue, improve comfort, and aid in cost cutting compared with similar compression products. These products are from our esteemed vendors like 3M, BSN Medical, Deroyal and many more.

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