Nebulizer Accessories

HPFY encompasses a range of accessories that would be of use for people who are prescribed the nebulizing treatment. What is better than getting it all under one single roof? We provide you with replacement filters, carry begs, batteries etc. that you can use with your nebulizer for a complete nebulizing experience. We also have products like the Aerosol Drainage Bag, Adaptor, and Nebulizer Heater. Buy high quality products from top brands like Drive, Respironics, Devilbliss etc. and avail attractive discounts. Browse our extensive range today!

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Types of Nebulizer Accessories


Filters are an important part of the nebulizing system. It clogs the bacteria and impurities from getting into the system and only lets the clean air pass through it. With time it may become dirty and cause blockage. It should be replaced then otherwise it interferes with the operation of the nebulizer system reducing its life. You must check the filter regularly without failing regardless of the manufacturer’s warranty claims. If the filter is dirty you should change it. Also Nebulizer filters are unique for each nebulizer system, you must read the full instructions for replacement beforehand. Buy filtes for popular nebulizers like InnoSpire from Respiroics, or PulmoNeb LTPulmoneb Pulmo-Aide from Devilbliss and many more.

Carry Bags

Nebulizer bags provide a handy solution to carry your portable nebulizer systems wherever you go. These bags are compact in size and are sized according to the nebulizer model. Popular carry bags include the Respironics Innospire Bag, Drive Power Neb Bag and many more.


HPFY also carries replacement batteries for popular nebulizer systems that can save your day while on the go. A spare set of batteries can make you go a long way with you nebulizer system. Browse our range and get your pick today!