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Exercise balls are widely used for fitness purposes, weight training and back pain relief. These balls are generally made up of soft elastic and filled with air. The ball consists of a valve stem that allows the ball to be inflated or deflated. Exercise balls are also known as Swiss ball. Exercise balls have various applications and are used for a range of exercises of varying difficulty levels. Exercise balls benefit in back pain to a great extent. Ease in back pain is noticeable after each practice session. At HPFY you will find exercise balls of various sizes and shapes for various exercises. Browse our extensive range and be sure to find the best product.        

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Exercise Ball Uses

  • Finding neutral spine position 
  • Learn to keep a proper posture 
  • Increase low back mobility  
  • Increase strength in abdominal and back muscles  
  • Learn to stabilize and balance  
  • Development of the core body muscles in terms of control and stability  
  • Lifting training

Exercise Balls

Low back pain and muscle strains are generally due to improper lifting. Swiss ball can be a useful tool for training individuals the required posture and body mechanics for proper lifting. Exercise balls can also replace chairs at work and at home. You can also buy a specially made ball chair. As the ball moves it requires a muscle response to maintain balance on the chair. This muscle response stimulates muscles around the spine thereby reducing static loading on any particular spine structure. Exercise balls also help in supporting the spine of pregnant women during exercise. It helps in supporting the extra weight and change the center of gravity. These balls can also be used during labor for performing some specific exercises. But this type of exercise must only be performed in a controlled environment with a medical professional to reduce the risks involved. 

At HPFY we have exercise balls made of various high quality materials. There are balls of different sizes and shapes for different purposes. Along with exercise balls we also have ball pumps, ball chairs, ball stabilizer stands and much more. Buy products from best manufacturers like AGM Group, Fabrication Enterprises, Bodysport, FB USA and many more at best prices and attractive discounts on HPFY!