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Health products for you has everything that you require for taking care of your tracheostomy. We have an extensive range of carefully assembled products that will make this tedious selection way easier and more convenient. We carry reliable products from top manufacturers like Atos Medical, Covidien/Medtronic, Carefusion Corporation, Freudenberg and many more. Check out the whole range of accessories including:

  • Stoma Cover/Base plate: These base plates are designed with special adhesives to stay firmly in contact with the stoma. Some plates are also specialized for attachment of HMEs and Speaking valves. Stoma covers help in concealing the stoma and tracheal instruments from getting wet in the shower.
  • Speaking valve/Voice Prosthesis: These come in standard or hands free forms. These devices help patients with tracheostomy to communicate clearly. Try the popular The Airway Company Shikani Speaking Valve For Tracheostomy Patients or the Atos Medical Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice for effortless communication. 
  • Endotracheal accessories: These accessories are made to remove secretions from the airways while maintaining oxygenation and ventilation.
  • Inner Cannulas: We have a wide selection of replacement inner cannulas for your tracheostomy. These cannulas are made of materials that are safe and comfortable for your delicate situation. One of the most popular inner cannulas is the Shiley Inner Cannula
  • Adapters & connectors: These accessories help in making secure connections to various tracheostomy devices. 
  • Decannulation Caps/plugs: These plugs help in securing the stoma when the cannula or other devices are not in place.
  • Tracheal Brush: These brushes help with delicate parts of your devices around the tracheostomy.
  • Airways: Comfortable and soft airways are soft on your airway while insertion and when indwelling.
  • Vents & Vents Circuit: Try the Cardinal Health Adult Single Limb Portable Ventilator Circuit or the Cardinal Health Portex Volume Ventilator Circuit as they are kink proof and establish secure connections. Anti-Disconnect.
  • Devices: These devices help in eliminating accidental disconnection of tracheostomy devices.

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