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A jejunostomy tube or J-tube is a soft, plastic enteral feeding tube placed through the skin of the abdomen into the midsection of the small intestine. Jejunal tubes deliver food and medications through this tube till the individual is healthy enough to consume food through their mouth. Jejunal feeding using jejunostomy tubes involves feeding directly into the small bowel through an incision. The feeding j-tube is passed within the stomach via the jejunum. Jejunal feeding is usually prescribed to patients who have a good functioning gastro-intestinal tract, but who are devoid of a gag reflex,

Caring for a Jejunostomy

Cleaning the skin around the jejunostomy is very important as it can damage the jejunostomy tube and also contaminated the food and medication being delivered. The skin should be cleaned using warm soapy water and then wiping it with a dry clean towel. Use an ointment or hydrogen peroxide to clean as well but ask a medical profession before using it. Always wash your hands before handling the jejunostomy tube so that you do not damage, contaminate or complicate the ostomy and the feeding tube.

Features of Jejunostomy Tubes

There are different features of jejunostomy that enhance the functioning of the j-tube to improve feeding health and protecting the ostomy. They are:

Where to Buy Jujenostomy Tubes Online?

At HPFY, we have an assorted range of premium jejunostomy tubes or j-tubes with a wide range of features and specifications. Shop for efficient jejunal tubes at amazing prices and discounts.
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