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While exudates in acute wounds encourage healing, chronic wound exudates are considered damaging. Chronic injury contains high levels of harmful substances and microorganisms, which can adversely affect wound healing. Also, an excessive amount of wound drainage can cause peri-wound maceration. 

On the other hand, if the wound bed becomes too dry, a scab will form that can impede healing. Therefore, an ideal dressing should maintain moisture balance in the wound bed and effectively remove excess fluid. One such option is the Absorbent Dressing, which wicks away harmful drainage and helps promote wound healing. 

What is an absorbent wound dressing? 

Absorbent dressings are multilayered wound dressings with higher absorption capacity than traditional dressings designed to manage highly exuding wounds. They absorb excess fluid and help keep the wound clean and free from infection. They also help to promote healing by keeping the wound moist and providing a barrier against bacteria.  

Absorbent wound dressings stay dry and comfortable and do not require frequent change. HPFY offers different types of absorbent dressings in varying sizes, shapes, and attributes to suit different wound conditions, locations, and dimensions.


The exudate-absorbing dressings may be used as primary or secondary dressings to manage surgical incisions, burns, lacerations, abrasions, pressure injuries, diabetic foot ulcers, donor or skin graft sites, or any other exudating wounds. 

How does absorbent dressing help heal wounds? 

Absorbent dressings are multi-layered and made up of highly absorptive layers of cellulose, cotton, or rayon fibers with either a non-adherent or semi-adherent layer.  

To help the wound heal, the absorptive dressing: 

Top-selling absorbent dressing for wounds 

Our range of super absorbent dressings is designed to absorb exudates quickly, are comfortable, and are less likely to cause trauma to the wound. We have dressings in foam, alginates, silicone, silver, etc., available in sheet and rope forms.  

One can shop by their properties and choose from anti-shear, absorbent, non-occlusive, waterproof, adhesive, and hypoallergenic absorbent dressings. Some of our top sellers are the following: 

  1. Molnlycke Mepore Self-Adhesive Absorbent Surgical Dressing: This soft, conformable, water-repellent dressing absorbs blood and exudates and is designed especially for surgical wounds. 
  2. 3M Medipore +Pad Soft Cloth Adhesive Wound Dressing: This dressing is highly conformable and breathable, with a hypoallergenic adhesive. It is non-adherent and does not stick to the wound surface, reducing disruption of the healing tissues.  
  3. Medline Opticell Gelling Fiber Wound Dressing: It features Chitosan-based gelling fiber technology that wicks fluid only vertically, not laterally, helping to reduce the risk of peri-wound maceration. 

Where to buy absorbent wound dressing online? 

Health Products For You offers a huge collection of wound care products, including absorbent and superabsorbent wound dressings from trusted makers like Deroyal, BSN Medical, Convactec, and many more. Place your order today! 

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Frequently asked questions

Absorbent dressings are multi-layered wound coverings with a semi-adherent or non-adherent layer combined with highly absorptive layers of fibers like cellulose, cotton or rayon. These dressings are designed to reduce adherence to the wound and manage exudate. They can be used either as a primary or secondary dressing for managing surgical incisions, lacerations, abrasions, burns, donor or skin graft sites or with any exuding wound.

Yes, absorbent dressings absorb odor as they are multi-layered and can cope with infected malodorous wounds. The layer of activated charcoal within ensures effective odor absorption.

Certain absorbent dressings can be used under a compression bandage to absorb and remove exudates. But if a wound is producing a lot of exudate then using compression bandaging here may not be advisable. However, it is important to check the instructions provided by the manufacturer regarding this.

Selection will depend on the characteristics of the wound and its healing stage. It is important to check the amount of exudate the wound is producing. Each patient has different requirements which must be kept in mind when selecting absorbent dressings. Certain factors that matter are:

  • Your wound type – dry or heavily exuding
  • Will dressing stick to the wound
  • Condition of the patient’s skin – fragile or healthy
  • Cost effectiveness

Absorbents dressings can be used for:
  • Burns
  • Exuding wounds
  • Lacerations
  • Scratch
  • Surgical cut
  • Donor or skin graft sites