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Burns dressings are suitable to treat burn wounds. They are designed to prevent infections, reduce pain and promote quick healing. Burn wound dressings provided a moist wound environment that is important for recovery. Burn wounds can be painful so dressings for them are comfortable, compliant and durable to protect the wound from physical damage and micro-organisms. They are non-irritant, odorless and designed to have a soothing and cooling effect for effective burn wound care.

How Do Burn Wound Dressings Work?

Dressings for burns have a soft coating which permits removal of the dressing from the wound without causing any trauma to the wound bed and the surrounding tissues. These dressings are minimally adhering and have an antimicrobial action to keep the wound safe from infections. Dressings with silver are effective for burn treatment and show bactericidal and fungicidal activity on burn wounds through sustained silver ion release.

When to Use Burn Wound Dressings?

Different Types of Burn Wound Dressings

A variety of dressings for burns exist including anti-microbial burn dressings, silver burn wound dressings and non-adherent burn dressings. The Fiber Silver Seal from Noble Biomaterials is an antimicrobial burn contact dressing which releases a steady stream of silver cations for broad spectrum antimicrobial protection without any flaking or shedding of elemental silver.

The Silvadene Burn Cream that has exceptional antimicrobial properties of Sulfa Drugs can be used along with Argentum Silverlon elastic burn wrap dressing which is for use over partial-to-full thickness burns, grafts and donor sites and can be used over large and contoured areas. Another burn dressing, which is from DeRoyal, has a special-shaped gauze vest burn dressing. This is like a regular gauze dressing but shaped to fit a part of the body.

Where Can I Buy Burn Dressings Online?

At HPFY, we have a wide range of burn dressings for different degrees of burn, each designed for different types of burn wounds. These dressings provide effective burn care at affordable prices from top manufacturers and brands.

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Frequently asked questions

Burn dressings treat varied types of burns which are:
  • First degree or superficial burns - determined through pain, redness, slight swelling and lack of blistering
  • Second degree burns - involving damage to the underlying skin layers
  • Third degree burns - involving damage to the dermis, surrounding nerves and indicated by waxen skin
  • Fourth degree burns - resulting in severe irreparable damage extending from the skin into the flesh

Burns dressings can be used to treat only first degree or superficial burns. For second-degree burns and beyond, only wound dressings prescribed by a clinician should be used.

Follow these steps to change a burn dressing:
  • Wash hands
  • Arrange for all supplies required in a hygienic area
  • Remove the old dressing and dispose of it
  • Wash hands again 
  • Wash the wound with mild soap and lukewarm water using a clean washcloth. 
  • Wash the area clean of loose skin and crusting
  • Dry off the wound surface with a clean towel
  • Place ointment dressing on the wound and cover with dry gauze
  • Wrap a sterile gauze roll loosely over the dressing and apply tape over the ends securing it

It is advised to change the burn dressing at least once a day. However, you may even require changing it twice a day.