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What is a Gastrostomy Tube?

A feeding tube is equipment that is inserted into the stomach through the abdomen. Mainly, it supplies nutrition to the patient who has difficulties in eating. Health Products For You brings you a wide range of premium g-tubes. There are three types of feeding tubes on HPFY: PEG or percutaneous endoscopic, standard gastrostomy, and low profile gastrostomy tube. These gastrostomy tubes are manufactured by leading names like Kimberly-Clark, Applied Medical Technology, Covidien/Medtronic, and many others.

Features of Gastrostomy Tubes

Gastrostomy tubes are equipped with several features to enhance the enteral feeding process. They include:

  • Tethered caps
  • Enfit connectors
  • 90 Degree Adapters
  • Decompression ability
  • Radiopaque for easy visibility
  • Straight adapters
  • Clamps for securement

Gastrostomy Tube Insertion

Feeding tube insertion is percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy (PEG), G-tube insertion, and esophagogastroduodenoscopy (EGD). The insertion of a feeding tube is done when the patient is unable to eat on their own due to the following reasons -

  • Abnormality of the mouth or esophagus- the tube that connects the throat to the stomach.
  • Difficulty swallowing or keeping food down.
  • Insufficiency of nutritions taken via mouth.

Conditions that may cause a person to have trouble eating include:

Additionally, when a person has to take certain medications, PEG can be performed. The physician will perform a gastrostomy using an endoscope- a flexible tube with a camera attached. It may make the patient feel drowsy following the procedure. They may be given anesthesia to make the process smoother for the patient. The patient is required to stay empty stomach for the procedure. Generally, the physician will ask the patient to abstain from having anything eight hours prior to the process. Most people are discharged the same day.

How is the endoscope inserted?

  • The patient is given an anesthetic and pain reliever. While the patient lays on their back, the doctor places the endoscope in their mouth, down the esophagus.
  • Additionally, the camera helps the doctor visualize the stomach lining to ensure that the feeding tube is positioned accurately.
  • Once the doctor can see the stomach properly, they surgically create a small incision in the abdomen. Subsequently, the feeding tube is inserted through a stoma.
  • The doctor then secures the tube and places a sterile dressing around the wound site.
  • The patient may have a little blood or pus drainage from the wound. The entire procedure takes less than an hour. The temporary feeding tube is removed after some time.

Caring for a Feeding G-tube

  • Clean it well: Rinse the tube with warm water before and after every feeding. Do it even when you take medicines. Moreover, clean the ends of the tube almost every day with an antiseptic wipe. You can also use a syringe for thorough cleansing.
  • Wash your hands: Make sure you wash your hands before touching the tube.
  • Secure the tube: Use medical tape to attach it to your body in such a way that the end faces upwards. It is recommended to prefer medical tapes over the regular ones; these shall not irritate the skin. Additionally, change the position of the tape after every few days.
  • Clamp the tube: When not in use, clamp the tube. Place the clamp closer to your body so that food and liquids don't spill down. 
  • Clean the area around: Keep the skin around the tube dry and clean at all times to avoid any chances of infection.
  • Sleeping position: Avoid sleeping on your stomach. Try sleeping on your back or the sides. These positions are much comfortable.

Where to Buy Gastrostomy Tubes Online?

Health Products For You offers its customers durable feeding tubes for the elderly and children. These enteral feeding tubes are manufactured by leading names such as Bard Inc., Mic-Key, and Kendall etc. Shop with us to avail best deals and earn reward dollars on every purchase you make.

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