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A gastrostomy feeding tube, or G-tube, is for those who need long-term tube feeding procedure. The G-tube is inserted through an opening in the abdomen. A surgery or laparoscopy may be done to insert the feeding tube. There are three basic types of gastrostomy feeding tubes – PEG or percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy feeding tube, standard gastrostomy feeding tube and low profile gastrostomy tube.

Types of Gastrostomy Tubes or G-Tubes

Though there are a wide range of gastrostomy tubes available, one of the most common types of g-tubes are low profile g-tubes. Also known as button g-tubes they are placed on the upper abdominal wall and kept in place using a water-filled balloon.
Long g-tubes are also a commonly used type of gastrostomy tubes which are kept in place using either stitches or a water-filled balloon.

Features of Gastrostomy Tubes

Gastrostomy tubes are equipped with several features to enhance the enteral feeding process. They include:
  • Tethered caps
  • Enfit connectors
  • 90 Degree Adapters
  • Decompression ability
  • Radiopaque for easy visibility
  • Straight adapters
  • Clamps for securement

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