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Aquatic therapy is a basically a form of physical therapy that is performed inside a pool in presence of a trained professional under controlled conditions. Aquatic therapy has been used to reduce the recovery period for various injuries. It is also sometimes referred to as water therapy or aqua therapy. Aqua therapy is a pain free and patient friendly alternative to physical therapy. Buy aquatic therapy products including aqua walker, elliptical water rider, pool bike, floatation belts, ankle cuffs, swim bar, head float, treadmills and a lot more at HPFY.

Aquatic Therapy Benefits

  • Improving flexibility 
  • Enhancing balance and coordination 
  • Developing muscle strength and endurance 
  • Enhanced aerobic capacity  
  • Helping with gait and locomotion 
  • Stress reduction while promoting relaxation

How water’s natural properties helps with rehabilitation?

  • Water in the aqua rehab pool is maintained at a warm temperature and warm water soothes stressed and aching muscles and joints. 

  • The natural resistance and viscosity in water can be used for muscle strengthening thereby reducing rehabilitation time  

  • When in the pool a person feel weightless. Water reduces the effect of gravity and the friction caused therefore in injured joints and muscles.  

  • People with balance disorders can easily perform exercises without the fear of falling as the hydrostatic pressure supports and stabilizes them. 

  • Aqua therapy has been proven to decrease pain and enhance cardiovascular return. 

  • A person’s respiratory system needs to work harder in water which leads to its strengthening. The effects can be felt right after the session and long term benefits are also eminent. 

  • The therapist can manipulate the client with various exercises with the help of turbulence and wave proprgation.

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