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Nebulizer Mouthpiece

A nebulizer turns the medication into aerosol using a compressor. But this medication requires a medium for transfer into the airway. Nebulizer mouthpieces are designed to provide an opening from which the medicated mist is inhaled. Mouthpieces also come in pediatric designs as in case of the PediNeb Pacifiers that are designed to be used with pediatric nebulizers. These nebulizer mouthpieces are especially for very young children and infants who are prescribed with aerosol medication. The optimal breathing pattern is a slow, deep inhalation followed by an inspiratory hold and exhalation. When a person uses a mask and tries to communicate such a breathing motion is not possible. This can prove to be counterproductive. Using nebulizer with a mouthpiece helps in eliminating this problem.

Breathing a nebulizer machine can scare little ones, pacifiers are basically designed to reduce the stress associated with nebulization. These mouthpieces are less invasive unlike pediatric masks that cover the whole face, which makes them easy for small children to use. Buy nebulizer mouthpieces by top manufacturers like Drive medical, Devilbliss, Medline etc. that provide the maximum therapeutic benefit by inducing the right amount that is delivered within the lungs, at HPFY.

How do you use a nebulizer with mouthpiece?

  • A nebulizer treatment may extend from 5 to 15 minutes depending upon the type of nebulizer being used.
  • It is recommended to sit straight up while receiving medication except in cases where the patient is not in the position to sit up. 
  • Place the mouthpiece such that it is between your teeth and your mouth is sealed around it so that no medication escapes. 
  • Power the nebulizer unit and take deep breaths inhaling the medicated mist from your mouthpiece. You must hold the breath for some time before exhaling.
  • Continue to breathe in the mist until all the medicine has been used up. 
  • If in case you feel dizzy or strange during treatment, turn off the nebulizer for 5 minutes and start again till the remaining medicine finishes.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after therapy.

Care and Cleaning Instruction for nebulizer

Please follow the manufacturer’s directions for cleanup the nebulizer. Some suggested guidelines include the following:
  • Make sure that the compressor is turned off and unplugged.
  • Take apart the nebulizer.
  • Wash all components (except tube and finger valve) in liquid dish soap and water. then Rinse with water.
  • After washing the nebulizer shake off excess water.
  • Reattach the nebulizer items and tube to the compressor
  • Allow the Components to air dry thoroughly. In the case of Hurry turn on the nebulizer compressor to dry the nebulizer quickly.
  • Make sure that the nebulizer is totally dry before storing the nebulizer

To have a safe and effective nebulizing experience the correct equipment play a great role. For users who are more active a mouthpiece is the right choice. For unconscious and frail individuals a nebulizer mask is a better option. Select form our extensive range of nebulizer mouthpieces that deliver quality and value both at an attractive price.

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