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Wound care treatment is incomplete without a quality and effective wound cleanser. A wound cleanser or a wound wash helps clean the wound surface of slough, gets rid of exudate and keeps the wound site clear of bacteria. These wound-healing solutions are non-irritating and soothing on fragile, sensitive skin. They remove odor-producing dead tissues and bacteria without disturbing the wound bed and interfering with the healing process. At HPFY, there is a whole line of top grade wound cleansers that form an integral part of efficient wound care management. We offer quality antimicrobial cleansing agents, wound wash, moisturizers, antiseptic wound cleanser sprays and antimicrobial deodorizers.

Importance of Wound Cleansing

  • These wound cleansing products reduce risks of wound infection with their bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and sporicidal properties. 

  • Wound cleansing is important to avert bacterial infections and delayed healing. For a wound to heal quickly, the wound surface should be adequately moist and, at the same time, be free of slough, necrotic tissues and exudate remains. These factors, if they persist, can delay recovery.  

  • A wound cleanser will aid in gentle and painless removal of foreign debris, bacteria and impurities from a wound area and provide a conducive environment for quick healing. Removal of dead tissues, called debridement, can effectively be done through appropriate wound wash and wound flush.

Types of Wound Cleansers

We carry a range of wound cleanser spray, sterile saline wound wash and dermal wound cleansers. Our products are designed to clean surgical sites, ulcers, burns, tunneling, skin tears, incisions, traumatic wounds and minor skin irritations. They soften the slough on the wound surface and facilitate debridement. There are antimicrobial deodorizing wound cleansers that can be sprayed directly on minor cuts, scrapes and burns and used for wounds with high, medium or low exudates. There are cleansers with zinc and Vitamin B6 to speed up tissue repair. The Anasept wound cleanser from Anacapa displays exceptionally rapid microbiocidal action.  

We carry all types of wound cleansers from top manufacturers of wound care products like MedlineNurse Assisst IncOculus Innovative, BSN Medical, Hollister, etc.

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