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What are Bedpans and Urinals?

Bedpans and urinals are designed to take care of the urological needs of patients and the elderly who find it difficult to get out of the bed. These items are designed to assist individuals both lying down and sitting up. Portable urinals are an effective way of taking care of a bed-ridden male or female in a quick and hygienic manner. Bedpans with cover further add to hygiene. There are portable female urinals, portable male urinals, bedside urinals, bariatric urinals, plastic urinals, travel urinals, female bedpans, male bedpans and many more available for your convenience. Find here a whole supply of medical urinals and bedpans for men, women, children and in unisex variety.

We also offer kidney stone collectors, specimen collection bowls, bedpan liners and more. Manufacturers featured here include Grahm Field, McKesson, Advantage Urinal System, Medegen Medical, etc.

How to use a Bedpan?

Preparations to make before using a bedpan or urinal

How to help patients to use a bedpan?

  • Wear disposable gloves.
  • To protect the bed from spills, put a waterproof pad under the buttocks of the individual.
  • If the healthcare provider approves it, slightly lift the head of the bed.
  • With one hand, support the lower back of the patient and with the other, place the curved edge of the bedpan under the buttocks of the individul.
  • Raise the head of the bed until the person is in a seated position. An upright position helps ease bowel movement and urination.
  • If possible, offer privacy to the user. If the person is fragile, do not leave him alone.
  • Lower the head of the bed when the person is done. Ask the person to lift his buttocks. Brace the individual's lower back with one hand. With the other, carefully remove the bedpan. Cover the bedpan and place it on a chair with a towel.

How to help patients who cannot rise use a bedpan?

  • Wear disposable gloves.
  • Roll the person to one side. To safeguard the bed against spills, place a waterproof pad under the person's buttocks.
  • Place the bedpan under the buttocks of the person.
  • With one hand on the bedpan, gently roll the person onto the bedpan.
  • If permitted, raise the head of the bed a little. It helps ease urinating and bowel movement.
  • Offer privacy to the individual whenever possible. If the person is fragile, do not leave them alone.
  • Lower the bed when the person is done and roll the person to his side just enough to remove the bedpan.
  • Cover the bedpan and place it over a towel on a chair.

How to clean a patient after they use a bedpan?

  • Gently roll the user on a side and clean his/her buttocks with a toilet paper
  • Now use wet washcloths or wipes to clean the area properly. You may also use soap and water if required.
    Note: If the patient is a female, clean from front to back
  • Dry the area after cleaning it
  • Make sure the person does not have any redness or sores. If they do, you must contact your healthcare provider.

How to help a person use urinals?

  • Wear gloves and ask the patient to put the urinal between their legs.
  • Help the person spread their legs.
    Note: If the patient is a male, please help them place their penis onto the opening of the urinal
  • Hold the urinal in position while they urinateand gently remove once they're done.
  • Gently wipe the area using a damp washcloth, clean from front to back for female patients. Dry the area once cleaning is done.

How to clean the Bedpan or Urinal?

What are different types of Urinals?

Male Urinals

We have portable urinals for males which are lightweight and easy to use and clean. They have a handle to provide a sturdy grip and are designed to prevent accidental spills with a snap-on lid. The Carex bedside urinal has graduation marks to measure output up to 35 ounces. Mckesson male urinal can hold up to 32 ounces of fluid. It also features a hole opening angled for use and ribbed bottom for strength. The URSEC spill proof urinal has a wide stable base for easy positioning and a large ergonomic glow-in-the-dark handle.

Male urinal systems are also a convenient way of handling urinary problems, particularly incontinence. The Comfort male urinal systems comprise a urinal, a tube and a collection bag. The benefit of this urinal system is an empty urinal all the time. Also available are Urocare urinal kits and suspensory washable male urinal from Mabis DMI. The latter, men’s urinal, has a rubber sheath connected to a 20 oz leg bag. The urinal features one-way valve to prevent fluid reflux.

Female Urinals

Female urinal issues are resolved with the Comfort urinal system designed to reduce falls, caregiver workload, odor, spills, briefs and catheter use, saving time as well as promoting user dignity and independence. The Carex bedside urinal for women is a plastic urinal, lightweight and user-friendly but without a snap-on lid. The URSEC urinal from Providence Spill proof has models for women users, too. It is a reusable urinal with an anti-reflux system to prevent spills. It will not leak even if it rolls over in the bed. These female urinals help fight nosocomial infections and reduces the need for frequent disinfecting.

Unisex Urinals

Unisex urinals are designed specially so that they can fit both male and female anatomy. The TravelJohn disposable urinal makes an ideal travel urinal for both men and women and is helpful in circumstances when there is no clean restroom available. There is an inner pouch of a biodegradable polymer substance that absorbs liquid waste and turns it into spill-proof, odorless gel.

What are different types of Bedpans?

Health Products For You brings to you a variety of bedpans to solve your urological problems. There are bedpans for males, female, bedpans for bariatric patients, fracture bedpans and pontoon bedpans.

Bariatric Bedpans

Bariatric bedpans are especially designed to meet the requirements of bariatric patients. Products like Comfortpan bariatric bedpan can support up to 1200 pounds. Its revolutionary design comfortably cradles the hips of the user and prevents spills.

Fracture Bedpans

Fracture bedpans have a tapered end in the front so that they can easily slide under the hips. They have a wedge like shape with a lower urine collection bowl. Many of them have a handle for easy handling and placement which can also be helpful as a female bedpan. These bedpans do not require much patient movement and are very comfortable for patients with fractures, missing limbs, and limited or no mobility.

Pontoon Bedpans

Pontoon bedpans feature a recessed tailbone area and smooth edges for extra comfort of the user. Their wider front rim can be used as a hand grip for stabilization and removal of pan and can also be helpful as a male bedpan. The rear part is designed with an overhang to contain the content even during transport.

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