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What are the benefits of Massage Therapy?

Massage therapy offers relief from everyday stress and soothes routine muscle aches and pains. And for that you need not visit a spa or health club. Massage therapy products are designed to offer deep and relaxing massage at home and in the comfort of your living room or bedroom. Massage therapy is good for your body and the mind. In fact, massage therapy is nowadays considered a part of complementary medicine and regarded as highly beneficial for your overall wellbeing. It is said to help reduce stress, pain and muscle tension. It is also considered useful for anxiety, headaches, stress-induced insomnia, back pain, soft tissue strains or injuries, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia and sports injuries.

Types of Body Massages

A good, deep massage can help loosen muscles and keep your body in a relaxed state. It also has a positive impact on the mental state of a person by improving the quality of life for people suffering from depression and cancer. There are different types of massage therapies available but the most common ones are:

  • Deep Tissue Massage: This massage technique involves kneading the muscles to release the trigger points. It is not a very relaxing massage but helps improves mobility. The fingers of the therapist apply pressure on the muscles releasing chronic muscle tension. Performing this massage with Rolyan’s deep prep tissue massage cream will aid in deep tissue mobilization and assist tissue massage by increasing friction.
  • Sports Massage: A massage therapist will focus only on specific areas depending on which sports the athlete plays. The idea behind this type of a massage is to increase the endurance level of the sportsman’s body, reduce injuries and improve performance.
  • Swedish Massage: A Swedish massage is a relaxing massage that involves the use of long, gentle strokes to reduce the stress hormone.
  • Rolfing: Rolfing involves use of fingers to knead, poke and push the body for better blood circulation and improved movement and muscle imbalances.
  • Shiatsu: In this Japanese style of massage, thumbs, fingers and palms are used to apply pressure on Shiatsu points in order to promote healing and regeneration.
  • Chair Massage: Chair massage involves a 30-minute massage of the neck, head, shoulders, upper back and arms while seated in a massage chair.

Massage Therapy Products

There are a whole host of massage supplies including massage tables, massage chairs, foot massagers, etc. At Health Products For You, you will find all types of massage therapy products.

  • Electric Massagers: Electric massage therapy products alleviate stress and pain by slow stimulation of the muscles helping them to relax, increasing blood flow as well as toning and firming the body.
  • Foot Massagers: Foot massagers have a soothing effect on tired and sore feet. These massage therapy products improve blood circulation and stimulate reflex points to relieve pain.
  • Manual Massagers: Manual massagers include a whole variety of massage gadgets ranging from massage rollers, massage balls, relaxation balls, massagers with heat, foam rollers, trigger point release tools, and more massage therapy supplies.
  • Massage Chairs: Massage therapy chairs offer air pressing, tapping and rolling of body parts relaxing fatigue muscles and improving overall health. They can offer sports massage, acupuncture, pregnancy massage and physical therapy.
  • Massage Cushions: Massage cushions are ergonomically designed massage supplies meant to provide relief from muscle tension, pain, stress and fatigue.
  • Massage Tables: Massage tables are durable and have designs that allow therapists to provide a deeply comfortable massage to their client without providing any stress on their body.
  • Massage Creams and Lotions: There are several types of massage creams and lotions that offer a spa-like experience. Foot gels, massage lotions, scented massage creams and non-scented massage creams are some of these. They not only moisturize but also have a cooling effect on the body.

Where to buy Massage Products online?

Health Products For You offers all kinds of massage therapy products, equipment, accessories to facilitate massage therapy from renowned manufacturers like Oakworks, Vive Health, Core Products, and many more.

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