Thumb and Finger Supports

Thumb and finger splints are designed to immobilize, straighten, compress or restrict fingers or thumb in case of injuries or deformities due to illnesses like arthritis. Finger splints are designed for a wide range of conditions like trigger finger, mallet finger, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis etc. Trigger finger is a common condition of the finger that requires finger splints. Tendons pass through a sheath to connect to the forearm muscles and are responsible for finger movements. In trigger finger these tendons become inflamed and form nodules making it hard for the tendons to pass through the sheath. Another common condition is the mallet finger or jamming finger. Finger splints are specially designed to aid these two conditions. Finger splints provide immobilization and compression to reduce inflammation, pain and discomfort.

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Types Of Finger Splints

  • Buddy Splints: These splints take the support of adjoining finger by taping it together with the affected finger. The fingers must be taped on a point above and below the injury. These splints cannot be used in case of fractures. 

  • Static Splints: These splints are designed to hold the finger in a specified position. These splints can be used for fractures, repetitive strain injuries, or certain types of tendon damage injuries. 

  • Stack Splints: These splints are used for injuries on the tip of the finger. They extend from tip to just past the first joint to immobilize injuries in the first joint. They come in various sizes and often with holes so that air can pass through them. 

  • Dynamic Splints: These splints are designed for joint stiffness. These splints are loaded with spring mechanisms that are adjustable to provide only the required amount of stretch.

  • Thumb Splints: These splints are designed for thumb deformities or injuries and help in reducing pain and inflammation. They come in various styles to address different types of thumb injuries.

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