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Lumbar Support Belt At HPFY

The lumbar support belt is designed to provide stability to the lumbar and sacral regions of the back. The belt offers added support to the spine and pressures off weakened or injured muscles, thereby relieving the symptoms. It is prescribed to people suffering from moderate to severe pain. Lumbar belts are recommended for sciatica and a slipped disc, facet syndrome, spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease, lumbar herniated disc, muscle tension and strain, and postoperative healing. Lumbar Sacral Support helps alleviate pain caused by muscle strain by relieving stress on the lower spine. These belts are used while lifting and handling heavy objects and playing sports. The lumbar braces are of two types, rigid and flexible.

There are two forms of lumbar support belts, custom-fit, and flexible fit. If one develops pain in the lumbar area, one can buy a belt found in a pharmacy or sporting goods store. They do give relief from the pain but won't help you to heal. People who lift heavy objects are also recommended to use these belts to prevent themselves from pain. These belts are typically made from neoprene. If you have had back surgery or suffer from any other spinal condition, your physician may order a custom-fit back support that is molded to your body with heat-treated plastics. These devices not only give relief from the symptoms but also help in healing. The belt is worn according to the physician's instructions. Depending on your condition, the short-term use of a lumbar support belt may be beneficial. Long-term use of these belts should be avoided as long-term usage can lead to other complications.

We at Health Products For You offer high-quality lumbar support belts. With a criss-cross style in front and rear to create firm compression, these supports can provide flexible support without rolling.

Who can use Lumbar Back Pain Relief Belt?

Orthopedic for back pain is recommended or prescribed by a health care professional to a person in the following conditions:

Lehmann and Rauscher epX Back Support and Advanced Orthopaedics 10-inch Lumbar sacral Support that comes with double pull tension Straps provide support, stability, and motion restriction to the lumbosacral region help alleviate pain and discomfort.

Benefits of Wearing a Back Brace?

  • Provides support and stability to the lumbar and sacral regions of the back
  • Reduces unnecessary stress and tension on muscles
  • Aids in certain degree of immobilization of facet joints
  • Enhances regular functioning performance
  • Improves posture
  • Fastens rehabilitation after an injury or surgery.
  • Helps in muscle pain management.
  • Accelerates the healing process.
  • Supports lower back while exercising.
  • Apt for athletes and sportspeople.
  • Perfect for people who lift and handle heavy objects.

Where to buy Lumbar Support Belts?

Check out HPFY's huge range of lumbar belts from reputed manufacturers like Optec USA, Otto Bock, BSN Medical, Core Products, and much more comfortably worn under the clothing. They come with adjustable straps for custom fit back and abdominal support.

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