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To maintain good oral hygiene, just brushing the teeth is not enough, maintaining good and healthy teeth and gums is also equally important. And for this reason there are a lot of dental and oral care products available at HPFY, which can be used by people of different ages to maintain oral hygiene. Mostly, people with limited mobility and strength, arthritis and some other causes require oral hygiene products. All these tooth care products help prevent common dental diseases like bad breath, dry mouth, cold sores and maintain fresh breath. At HPFY, we offer a wide assortment of these oral care products from popular manufacturers like Desert Essence, Fuchs, Dynarex Corporation, Eco Dent, etc.

Different Types of Dental and Oral Care Products

There are products like mouthwashes which help curb bad odor from mouth. Swabsticks clean the mouth thoroughlly and keep it moistened to prevent the problem of dry mouth. For spreading ointments, tongue depressors can be an ideal choice. Different types of tooth brushes accompanied by specially formulated toothpastes help in the proper cleansing of mouth. Jaw rehabilitation systems can be used to restore jaw mobility.

  • Mouthwashes clean and protect the mouth from odor. They also help in overcoming the problem of dry mouth. 

  • For those who have side effects from medicines, swabsticks are perfect as they provide additional moistening to the mouth. They effectively clean the mouth, teeth and gums to give a fresh feeling to the users. 
  • Tongue depressors have varied uses. They are used for spreading ointments, mixing medications and for oral examinations. 
  • In maintaining dental hygiene, toothbrushes play an essential role. These mouth care products are required for enhancing health and well-being of the mouth. Handles of the toothbrushes are lengthened or angled to help with weak grip. They also have uniquely angled neck so that the bristles can even reach the farthest corners of the mouth. Bristles of the toothbrushes are also uniquely designed to prevent plaque formation. 
  • There is a wide range of toothpastes available that helps fight plaque naturally and keeps the mouth healthy and refreshed. They clean gums and teeth deeply to keep the mouth free from any diseases. 
  • Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System is an anatomically correct system that is designed to restore jaw mobility, flexibility and function. It stretches the jaw, joint and facial tissues and helps in reducing swelling.