Coloplast Assura AC Two-Piece

Coloplast Assura AC Two piece appliances are designed with the special adhesive coupling technique (AC) that provides the benefits of a one piece system. These Ostomy systems provide the required security and flexibility. The Ostomy pouch and the barrier are supplied separately. The pouch is attached to the barrier or wafer with the help of a strong adhesive. Adhesive coupling is very flexible and allows you to change the pouch more frequently than the skin barrier. Assura AC Ostomy systems are comfortable and discreet to wear and provide freedom of movement. The Coloplast Assura AC urostomy pouches are available with skin barriers that come in variations like flat and convex light or standard wear and extended wear. The ostomy pouches are also avail available in pre-cut or "cut-to-fit" styles. These pouches are good to be used with Assura AC or Sensura Flex Barriers. A color coded coupling convention is followed i.e. a barrier with red coupling size attaches only to a red pouch.

HPFY carries the entire range of Coloplast Assura AC Two piece ostomy systems including the popular Coloplast Assura AC EasiClose Two-Piece Transparent Drainable Pouch or the Coloplast Assura AC Easiflex Two-Piece Cut-To-Fit Midi Opaque Closed Pouch With Filter and many more. Also available are skin barriers like Coloplast Assura AC Convex Light Skin Barrier With Belt Tabs that is easy to apply and secure to carry. Buy Coloplast products now to avail attractive discounts on all purchases.

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Spiral adhesive Features

  • Provides security and is totally skin-friendly 
  • Designed in a spiral structure 
  • Totally secure adherence to your skin 
  • Absorption of moisture thereby protecting the skin from irritation  
  • Offers extra protection in case of aggressive stoma outputs especially suitable for urostomies

Ostomy Pouch Features

  • Superior comfort and discretion 

  • The anti-reflux valve prevents the pouch contents from washing over the stoma opening greatly reducing the chances of infection.

  • Tuck-away soft outlet provide the ostomate with ease of use and can easily be tucked away when not in use. This feature prevents the bag from rubbing against your leg.  

  • Multi-chamber pouches: these pouches are designed with chambers that divide the pouch contents evenly in order to provide a discreet wear to the ostomate along with reduced splashing sounds. 

  • Convex light barrier is good for stomas that are difficult to manage as it is designed with an oval shape to reach stomas that are flush, retracted or located in skin folds.

A word about Ostomy and Skin Irritation

Most people with a ostomy experience irritated skin now and then. But having skin irritation is not normal. For having a comfortable and secure ostomy pouch securement preventing skin irritation is utmost important. If an ostomy pouch leaks it may lead to irritation. Adhesives on the pouch do not stick well to irritated skin resulting in additional leakage and hence further skin irritation. To have a healthy ostomy preventing leakage and early care for skin irritation is important. A properly fitting pouch along with appropriate accessories can help prevent leakage. The spiral adhesive of Assura AC have absorption abilities that help in keeping the stoma healthy and prevent leakage. These ostomy pouches also provide protection against aggressive stoma outputs.