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A range of catheter accessories including stabilization devices, catheter holders, clamps etc. are designed to replace tape and sutures thereby reducing catheter dislodgements and other day to day complications that occur while catheterization. HPFY brings to you a wide selection of accessories that make catheterization much easier and convenient.

We also have plugs and caps, adaptors, sheaths, bag holders, continence cuffs, dialators, tubing connectors and much more for safe and convenient catheterization. Avail all these products at best prices from top manufacturers like Bard, Urocare, Cook VPI, Cardinal Health, Medline Industries.

What are the benefits of Catheter Accessories?

Catheter accessories help in the smooth functioning of a catheter. Different accessories have different task. They:

  • Assist in proper catheter insertion
  • Prevent premature catheter removal
  • Make catheterization safe and secure
  • Make catheters easy to use

Some Popular Catheter Accessories

Catheter Holders/Stabilization Devices

In order to prevent the pulling or dragging down of indwelling catheters, catheter holders are used. These devices hold the catheter in place and minimize the piston effect (to and fro motion) reducing the possible introduction of micro-organisms into the urethra. There are adhesive devices that stay in place up to seven days before replacement.

Penis Holders

Penis Holders are useful to bring the penis to a good position suitable for catheterization particularly if the penis is small or retracted (generally after prostatectomy) or only have use of one hand.

Catheter Lubricants

Catheter lube or catheter jelly is developed to reduce discomfort in the process of catheter insertion. It is sometimes traumatic to insert a catheter inside the urethra. Catheter lubricants reduce the occurrence of traumatic injuries. These gels are also sterile to reduce the chance of CAUTIs (Catheter associated Urinary Tract Infections).