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Bath Lifts For The Elderly at HPFY

Bath Lifts are designed to transfer people to and from the bathtub with ease and comfort. If mobility and strength are limited, due to age or an illness, taking a bath can become a difficult task. It will not be as comfortable as it should be. Bathtub Lifts for the Elderly allow the users to wash themselves independently. With bathtub lifts, they can sit and relax while taking a nice bath. Bath lifts for the disabled, mechanically assist them to the bottom of the bathtub so that they enjoy a warm bath and raise them again when they are done bathing. HPFY offers bathroom lifts from well-known manufacturers like Drive Medical, Clarke Health Care, Columbia Medical, Mangar, etc.

Types of Bath Lifts

There are different types of bath lifts available, each with a specialized set of features, like portable bathtub lifts, electric bath lifts, and reclining bath lifts. These mobility bath lifts fit most styles of bathtubs and provide maximum support and stability.

  1. Portable Bath Lifts

    Portable bath lifts are a good consideration if the user wants to enjoy a hot bath at different places. These disabled bathtub lifts are easy to fold and carry along wherever the user needs them. They help the user safely get up and down from the tub. To use portable bathtub lifts, a person must have the ability to lift his/her legs from a seated position one at a time over the edge of the bathtub. Also, he/she should remain seated upright while the lift lowers down and rises again.

  2. Electric Bath Lifts

    Electric bath lifts provide more automation in assisting the user with an independent bathtub experience. Just a push of a button is required to lower the hydraulic bath lift into the tub and with another push of a button, it rises back again. In this way, a user easily gets inside the tub and comes out when he is done bathing. The total number of lifts that can be accomplished between charges will depend on the bath lift model, user weight, and age of the battery. To charge the battery, it is detached from the lift and attached to a battery charger. As a safety measure, electric bathtub lifts are charged away from the water source. Most of the models are designed to prevent themselves from lowering unless there is enough battery for them to come up again.

  3. Reclining Bath Lifts

    Reclining bath lifts carry the users down into the water so that they can lean back and enjoy a deeper, more relaxing soak. All this can be achieved just with a single push of a button. Some models have automatically reclining backrests that recline as the lift lowers down whereas others have self-controlled backrests. Self-controlled backrests provide users with the option to stay upright while washing or recline back to soak and relax.

What to keep in mind when selecting a Bathtub Lifts for Seniors?

Where to Buy Bath Lifts for The Elderly Online?

For those who face mobility challenges, incorporating a bath lift into their routine can be a valuable way to maintain independence while reducing the physical strain and risk of falls associated with getting in and out of the tub. HPFY offers a wide range of bath lifts from various brands.

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Frequently asked questions

A bath lift is a powered device that is designed to raise and lower a person in and out of a bath tub. Bath lifts are a great option for those who require a helping hand with their daily bathing regime. They are completely safe for use in water.

Bath lifts gently lower the bather into the tub in a comfortable seated position by a hand-held remote control device. After bathing, the powered lift safely lifts the bather to the top of the edge of the bath tub for easy exiting.

No, bath lifts are safe to use in water so it is not necessary to empty the bath tub.

Bath lifts have a specific raising height. Measure the depth of your bath tub and the height of the bath lift before buying the lift.

The bath lift must be fully charged before each use to avoid any issues caused by a low charge.