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Adaptive plates and bowls are designed to aid people with limited arm mobility in dealing with eating problems. Adaptive plates and bowls assist individuals with limited dexterity to eat independently with dignity. Their unique designs provide a remedy to all self-feeding difficulties. Scoop bowls for handicapped provide a physical barrier to push the food up against surface, thereby enabling easy heaping of food in the spoons and forks. Bowls with built-up rims and food guards offer independence while eating. Adaptive plates and bowls like GripWare Round Scoop Dishes, Freedom Snack Bowl With Suction Pad, Maddak Eating Food Bumpers make eating enjoyable once again. Health Products For You provides adaptive plates and bowls from renowned manufacturers like North Coast Medical, Freedom Distributors, Maddak, Essential Medical, etc.

Benefits of using Adaptive Plates and Bowls

  • Raised edges for easy scooping: Adaptive feeding equipments with raised edges make it easy to scoop the food into spoon. Raised edge works like the other hand of the user and pushes the food inside the spoon without knocking it outside and creating mess. 
  • Partitioned plates keep the food separate: Partitioned plates are designed for user convenience and help keep the food items in one plate separate. They make it easier to round up the food without mixing or dropping it on the table. 
  • Suction pads for added stability: Adaptive equipment for feeding with suction pads creates a vacuum system that securely sticks to the table. This prevents the accidental knocking of dish. Suction pads are usually made up of rubber and have non-skid surface. 
  • Plate guards to prevent the food from falling out: Plate guards provide a wall against which the food can be pushed. They usually fit any plate if the sizes are matched properly.

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