Genairex One-Piece

With their latest materials and technology, premium ingredients and proven product performance Geniarex Securi-T one piece systems have become a popular name in the market and has been there for more than two decades. It is the choice of most health care professionals for continence care. Securi-T one piece systems provide higher customer satisfaction along with security and comfort. These systems are highly flexible and discreet to conform to your body and lifestyle. These pouching systems feature a comfort panel made of a soft cloth like material which is skin friendly and flexible. This panel rests softly against the skin and moves along with the body. Also, an environmentally safe film is added to the one piece pouching systems which is light and sturdy.

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Features of Genairex One-Piece Pouching Systems

  • Come in Flat or Convex type 
  • Drainage pouches are Pre-cut or Cut-To-Fit 
  • Opaque or Transparent pouch 
  • Standard Wear or Extended Wear 
  • Only one-piece to apply 
  • Easy to apply even for people with cognitive impairment or limited dexterity 
  • Provides greater comfort and flexibility as no flange attachment is present Types of one piece pouches include drainable pouches, closed end pouches and urostomy pouches 
  • Extended wear units come with a special barrier material allowing it to be worn for a longer time period

Buy the Genairex Securi-T One-Piece Extended Wear Cut-to-Fit Opaque 12 Inches Drainable Pouch for an extended wear time, Genairex Securi-T One-Piece Standard Wear Cut-to-Fit Transparent 8 Inches Closed-End Pouch that comes with an improved filters and filter covers or the Genairex Securi-T One-Piece Standard Wear Cut-to-Fit Transparent 12 Inches Drainable Pouch that comes with a curved tail closure and many more products at best prices on HPFY.