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Oxygen cylinders are a necessity for people who are prescribed supplemental oxygen. These come in various sizes, types and capacities to serve just the right amount as per your requirement. HPFY brings to you oxygen cylinders that come in a durable design and serves you for long. Homefill cylinders are types of cylinders that allow patients to fill in high pressure oxygen from an O2 concentrator. Smaller oxygen cylinders can be taken anywhere. So now people who require continuous supplemental oxygen can step out of home or hospital setting and explore the world.

About Cylinder Sizing

The cylinders are sized A to E i.e. A is the smallest size while E is the largest one. Modern day naming convention is M followed by a number. M stands for medical and the number stands for the cubic feet of oxygen the unit will hold. This gives you a clear idea of the size of oxygen cylinder you will receive.

We also supply oxygen cylinders with carry bags for more convenience like the HomeFill Integrated Conserving Cylinder with Bag, cylinders with attached oxygen conserving devices like the Invacare HomeFill Integrated Conserving Cylinder, Toggle Valve Oxygen Cylinders and many more from top manufacturers like Invacare, Responsive Respiratory, Devilbiss etc. to cater to your individual needs.

Types of Oxygen Cylinders:

  • Compressed Oxygen Tanks: These are the most commonly used oxygen tanks but are popular because they are inexpensive and often covered by medical insurance. Compressed oxygen cylinders are heavy and they may have issues if not kept in upright position. For portability small tanks can be filled with the big one. Liquid 

  • Oxygen Tanks: These type of tanks can store a greater amount of oxygen than the compressed oxygen tanks and weighs less. These are more expensive than the compressed oxygen tanks and you cannot take them in a flight. Also these cylinders have a small shelf life as otherwise the oxygen will evaporate. Portable small tanks can be filled with the large ones.

A word of Caution: Oxygen tanks must not be used near fire as it acts as an oxidizing agent and feeds the fire. Be careful and be safe. Oxygen cylinders play a great roll in treatment of patients who have difficulty breathing especially those on life support system and are mostly used in hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities.