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Mastectomy Accessories - Things You Need After A Mastectomy

Post-mastectomy surgery, everything changes. The thought is indeed daunting. The most crucial step you can take to enhance post-mastectomy healing is to cater to proper self-care after the surgery. One thing to keep in mind is that the operation will adversely affect the mobility of your arms. This means you need assistance with certain daily activities. Apart from regular chores post-surgery, your wardrobe also goes through a huge transformation. Your old clothes will not fit you anymore.

Moreover, they are not well-equipped to deal with the changes that happen in your body post-surgery. Health Products For You provides varied kinds of mastectomy accessories. Our top-selling products are manufactured by Amoena, Nearly Me, and American Breast Care to name a few.

Post-Mastectomy Accessories Available at HPFY

Here are the accessories available with HPFY that will help you live a happy and dignified life.

Breast Forms Covers

A mastectomy breast form is a breast prosthesis specifically fashioned to imitate the feel, look, shape, and size of natural breasts. Often, many women choose to wear breast forms after a mastectomy. Breast forms aid them in boosting self-confidence. These permit you to have the same fit as your old clothes. Besides its aesthetic appeal, a breast form also provides health benefits. By restoring the natural balance and symmetry of the body, breast forms reduce chances of chronic cervical pain, frozen shoulder, and back and abdomen pain. Breast forms also help you in maintaining good posture. HPFY offers a wide variety of different sizes and shapes of breast forms that suit all body types. To protect your breast forms from excessive perspiration, we provide a whole range of covers for extra protection to the breast forms. The cover fabric is soft and breathable thus increasing the comfort of wearing breast forms by keeping the body cooler.

Nipples and Adhesives

Adhesive nipples are ready-made silicone nipples that look and feel like real nipples for women after mastectomy surgery. The nipples and adhesives for mastectomy patients are available in sets and can be used for unilateral and bilateral mastectomies. HPFY offers nipple prostheses in various colors and sizes to replicate the shape, color, and size of the remaining nipple if present. They are good to wear while swimming, the prosthesis aids in regaining confidence. They help you feel comfortable in your skin. These prostheses must be used after the surgical incision has healed.

Post-Surgical Care

Other than clothing, after having surgery, one needs several other post-surgical care products to recover properly. These include drain pouches, compression belts, and post-surgical kits. All these items are available at HPFY, produced by the industry's leading names, such as the American Breast Care and Anita International Corporation.

Miscellaneous Mastectomy Accessories

It includes all the small items required after the surgery. If you are looking for drainage tube pouches or bilateral/unilateral post-mastectomy pads, you've landed on the right page. Get them here at a good discount. Also avail of great offers on lingerie wash, breast form travel, storage case, anterior pads, camisole inserts, and bust covers.

Where to buy Best Mastectomy Accessories Online?

Health Products For You believes in catering to all your health and fitness needs with the best options at discounted prices. Check out our range of best mastectomy accessories manufactured by popular brands namely, Classique Inc., and Trulife etc.

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