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Compression Pantyhose at HPFY

Compression pantyhose for leg support is an ideal option to go for if you need compression in the entire leg. Pantyhose is available in unisex style or those made especially for men or women. People who are in a job that demands standing or sitting for long hours can benefit from them. Support pantyhose delivers a gradient compression, which means that the compression is the highest at the ankle, and the compression decreases as you go up the leg. Compression is measured in mmHg (millimeters of mercury).

When to use Compression Pantyhose?

Types of Leg Support Pantyhose

  1. Gradient compression stockings

    Provides the greatest amount of compression at the ankle, gradually decreasing pressure as it goes up the leg. This type of leg support pantyhose helps promote blood flow back to the heart and prevents swelling in the legs.

  2. Anti-embolism stockings

    Designed to prevent blood clots in people who are bedridden or recovering from surgery. These stockings provide a uniform amount of compression throughout the leg, helping to improve blood flow and prevent blood clots.

  3. Medical compression stockings

    Designed for people with venous or lymphatic disorders, such as chronic venous insufficiency or lymphedema. These stockings come in a variety of compression levels and are designed to be worn throughout the day to improve circulation and reduce swelling.

  4. Travel compression stockings

    Designed for people who are traveling long distances and may be sitting for extended periods. These stockings provide light to moderate compression to help prevent swelling and improve circulation.

  5. Maternity compression stockings

    Designed for pregnant women to help prevent swelling and improve circulation in the legs. These leg support pantyhose provide light to moderate compression and are designed to fit comfortably over the growing belly.

It's important to choose the right type of compression pantyhose based on your individual needs and the guidance of your healthcare provider. The level of compression, length, and material of the stockings may vary based on the type and severity of the condition being treated.

What are the different Compression Levels?

Compression level refers to the amount of pressure that the compression pantyhose applies to the legs. The level of compression is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg), and different levels of compression are recommended for different conditions.

Where to buy Compression Pantyhose For Women & Men Online?

Your healthcare provider may suggest the type of pantyhose and the level of compression required according to your health condition. HPFY brings to you a wide range of the best pantyhose for leg support from top manufacturers like Julius Zorn, BSN Medical, Medi USA, etc., at the best prices!

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Frequently asked questions

It is eminent that a Pantyhose is beneficial for wellness of the legs, improves blood circulation and brings relief for achy, crampy, tired and fatigued feeling legs.

Yes, pantyhoses are washable. It is recommended to hand wash with a mild detergent to extend the wear life of a support pantyhose.

Panty hoses made of synthetic materials have a tendency to retain heat and moisture, allowing bacteria and yeast to flourish which may be a cause for UTI’s.

Pantyhose and compression stockings are mostly used to alleviate pain in the legs caused due to poor blood circulation. Compression pantyhose and stockings both are designed to exert pressure on veins but they differ in the amount of pressure exerted. A support hose exerts a slightly lesser pressure than stockings and hence are perfect for those who need to stand for longer intervals each day.

Support pantyhose may be classified into light, medium and firm support. These support pantyhose are designed to minimize leg fatigue and to improve blood circulation. Support pantyhose are good for prolonged standing, sitting and for long distance travel.