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Shoe Laces and Fasteners - Introduction | Shoe Laces and Fasteners Types | How to Tie Shoe | Shoe Lace Cleaning

Shoelaces and Fasteners

Shoelaces and Fasteners make lacing and unlacing of shoes very easy and convenient. They are ideal for individuals with gripping difficulties, cognitive deficiencies and limited dexterity. With the use of these shoelace fasteners, users can easily fasten and unfasten shoelaces. They are very simple to use. Health Products For You offers different types of shoelaces and fasteners including shoe buttons, elastic shoelaces, curly shoelaces, lace locks, etc. from popular manufacturers like North Coast Medical, Complete Medical Supplies, Essential Medical, Maddak, etc.

Different types of Shoe laces and Fasteners

Shoe Buttons

Once the shoelaces have been tied, shoe buttons make it unnecessary to untie them again. They are just needed to be screwed through shoelace holes and lace is wrapped around them to maintain tightness.

Elastic Shoe Laces

Elastic shoelaces are designed for those individuals who need better support. There is no need of any special lacing or tying required for these shoelaces. These alternative shoe laces do not put any pressure on the top of the foot and help prevent foot pain. Elastic shoelaces make it easy to slip the foot into and out of any shoe just like a loafer.

Curly Shoe Laces

Curly shoelaces are suitable for those people who lack the physical ability needed to tie shoelaces. Once they are tied, they do not need tying again. Simply pull to the desired tension and release to tighten or loosen these non tie shoelaces. Curly shoelaces remain comfortable and tight, and fit all shoe sizes. They allow natural movement and have no pressure points.

Lace Locks

Lace locks can do away with the struggle of tying shoelaces. After initial lacing, they just need one hand to operate. Lace ends are required to be put through the lace locks for shoes and tightness can then be adjusted as required. They are perfect for personal use at home or for added safety in care facilities.

How to Tie Your Shoes?

  • Insert the shoe lace into the first eyehole with the ends down
  • Pull both ends. Make sure the shoe lace ends are even.
  • Run the left end straight up on the inside, then straight across the outside
  • Run both ends straight up the inside, each skipping one eyehole and emerging two eyehole higher up
  • Repeat the last 2 steps until you reach the last shoe hole
Shoe Laces and Shoe Fasteners

How Do You Clean Dirty Shoelaces?

  • Brush off any dirt from the laces of your shoes
  • Wash shoelaces in a bowl of soapy water or use a toothbrush to clean debris
  • Wash laces from clean water and allow them to air dry

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