Dressing Retainers

Dressing retainers come in various sizes to serve different purposes. HPFY offers a wide range of net bandages, spandages, elastic nets, shower protectors and tubular dressing retainers that are gentle on skin. Dressing retainers render great performance in dressing protection from falling out or getting wet while showering or provide just the right amount of compression required for wound healing.

Net Bandages or spandages

Tubular elastic stretch net bandages, designed to serve as secondary dressings, apply gentle pressure in order to keep medical devices like burn or post-op dressings, hot or cold packs, IV tubes, incontinence pads and decubitus ulcer dressings securely in place without adhesive tape. Net bandages like the XX-Span Tubular Dressing Retainer are easy to customize as per requirement and allow for maximum air-flow. Net bandages are available in many sizes and types to cover any part of the body.

Shower Protectors

These are self-adhesive moisture barriers are durable and simple in application. These dressings are used to protect wound dressings and vascular devices while showering and other activities in day-to-day life. The purpose of clear dressing retainers like Shower Shield Shower Cover is to keep sites and dressings clean and dry and maintain the integrity of primary dressings.

Dressing Retention Tape

These are medical tapes that are used to hold wound dressings, catheters, ostomy appliances, and trach tubes securely in place. These tapes feature a low sensitivity adhesive which is gentle to the patient’s skin. Dressing retention tapes like the MedFix Dressing Retention Tape is used to secure primary dressings and secure gastrostomy tubes and other feeding tubes.

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