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What is enteral nutrition?

Enteral Nutrition is a process of providing nutrition through the gastrointestinal tract to fulfill the caloric requirements of users. It is especially helpful for people who have difficulties in swallowing, decreased appetite, or cannot eat due to illness or surgery. All these conditions can cause malnutrition, and that is why such people use enteral nutrition products. Enteral nutrition supplements include products like the Abbott Ensure Light Ready-To-Drink Nutrition Shake, Global ProCel Whey Protein Supplement Powder, Abbott Similac Advance 20 Stage 1 Infant Formula with Iron, etc.

When is enteral nutrition required?

Enteral nutrition is compatible with body processes. It is required when one of the following conditions takes place:

  • Individual is not recommended oral intake due to conditions like dysphagia or lower level of consciousness.
  • Oral intake is not sufficient to fulfil the nutritional requirements of people due to conditions like loss of appetite.
  • A person suffers from malnutrition.
  • Individuals with debilitating or chronic disease.
  • Deterioration in nutritional status of people due to long term hospitalization and repeated “nil by mouth” instructions.

Where can I buy enteral feeding nutrition online?

Health Products For You offers a wide range of enteral feeding products from top-selling manufacturers like Abbott, Nestle Nutrition, Medical Nutrition USA, Real Food Blends, etc.