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What is a Rib Fracture?

Rib cage gives protection to the major internal organs like your heart and lungs. The rib cage injuries are common, although the bones are strong and sturdy and linked together by muscle bands. A broken rib occurs when one of the bones in your rib cage breaks or cracks due to:

Cracked ribs are painful, but they are not as serious as ribs that have been broken apart. Often broken ribs heal on their own in 1-2 months, but adequate pain control is necessary, so that normal deep breathing is maintained to avoid any lung complications such as pneumonia. A broken rib is diagnosed in the following conditions:

If you are diagnosed with broken ribs, the doctor would probably recommend pain medication and a support brace to help immobilize the area. In most cases, broken ribs heal on their own and do not require surgical intervention. We at Health Products For You have a comprehensive selection of rib support belts applied to the thoracic and upper abdominal region to compress and bind the rib cage and help heal a broken rib. These belts are available in both male and female styles with varied sizes for a more custom fit that provides support.

What are rib braces for?

A rib belt is a medical device designed to provide support to the areas over the ribs and help reduce pain from chest muscle strain or rib fracture. The belt helps restrict the motion in the chest and relieves pain from the chest wall and ribs.

The rib belt is designed for the thoracic and upper abdominal region. Rib belts are also recommended post-surgery to help heal and support fractured or bruised ribs. These belts contours to your body for providing compression with maximum comfort. Sometimes pain and swelling of the muscles around the rib cage are noticed due to some illnesses. In such cases, also rib belt helps in relieving the symptoms. The rib belt provides optimum support to the fractured area and allows the person to breathe normally without any respiratory trouble. The belt is made up of breathable fabric and is skin-friendly. The hook and loop Velcro closure offer great flexibility, and you can easily adjust the belt to have a proper fit.

Rib Compression Wrap Benefits

Rolyan Universal Elastic Rib Support and FLA Orthopedics All Elastic Rib Belt for Women can be used for maximum compression and support to the broken ribs.

What are the Important Points to Keep in Mind While Using a Rib Support Belt Brace?

Where to Buy Rib Brace Online?

We at HPFY offer an extensive range of rib braces that support the rib cage and helps alleviate pain from the top manufacturers like Bilt-Rite Mastex Health, BSN Medical, A-T Surgical, BodySport, and many more.

Research Paper on Rib Support Belts

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Frequently asked questions

Rib bets or rib supports are applied post-surgery to help heal and support fractured or bruised ribs. These belts contours to your body forproviding compression with maximum comfort.

Symptoms of a Typical cracked or bruised rib include pain when one breathes in, swelling or tenderness at the injury site and bruising.

A broken rib cannot be splinted therefore it must be left to heal naturally. But Pain management is crucial. Taking pain killers and wearing a rib support wrap can help with the pain. Another important aspect of successfully treating a rib injury is to make sure to breathe deeply so that the lungs fully expand. Failure to do so increases the risk of infection or pneumonia. If the Rib injury is very severe a rib surgery in a medical fascility is the only option.

A thoracolumbosacral or lumbosacral orthosis (TLSO/LSO) is a corset-style brace that is prescribed for use after surgery. It restricts the movement of the torso and is used to treat a variety of conditions, from compression fractures to laminectomies.

A TLSO brace will be worn for approximately 3 to 4 months after surgery. It should be worn whenever the patient is out of bed.