Tubings Accessories

Catheter Tubings play an important part in the process of catheterization. Catheter tubings connect the catheter to the drainage bag or bottle. It may be made out of rubber or vinyl (Suitable for those with latex allergies.) HPFY brings to you tubing extensions, connectors, adaptors and fittings for that work in conjugation allowing the catheter to work efficiently.

Different types of Tubing Accessories

Some kinds of tubing accessories are as follows:
  • Leg bag extension tubing
  • Urinary drainage tubing
  • Tube holders
  • Tubing connectors
  • Adjustable clamps

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Some Common Tubing Accessories

Extension Tubing

Most Catheter tubings are latex-free and made up of durable vinyl material. Tubing extension provides additional space between the catheter and the drainage bag allowing the patient to toss and turn at night without restrictions. Higher Urine flow can be managed with wide bore tubings and connectors. Try the Bard Latex Leg Bag Extension Tubing With Connector to extend your standard leg bag tubing.

Tube Holders

Tube holders provides an efficient way to secure catheter tubing to the skin in order to avoid kinking of the tube as in case of M.C.Johnson Cath-Secure Multi-Purpose Tube Holder. These holders use safe for skin adhesives and can remain in place for about a week.


These are flow control devices that are attached to the tubing to control or stop the flow of urine or other fluids like the Urocare Clamp. It is best to use these clamps with rubber tubings as the clear vinyl tubing is more rigid and may not hold.

Tubing Connectors

We also carry universal tubing connectors that accommodate tubing of various diameters for a secure and tight connection.