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What is Magnetic Field Therapy?

Magnetic Field Therapy is the practice of using static magnetic fields to treat certain ailments. Some studies are believed to have shown that electromagnetic fields from magnets when subjected to certain parts of the body can have a beneficial effect on the well being of the person. There are differences in opinion whether magnetic pain therapy works but magnets are seen to increase oxygenation and blood flow which is needed for recovery and pain relief. Magnetictreatment has existed for centuries and magnets have been used intreatment of some diseases such as arthritis, gout, poisoning andbaldness.

How Does Magnet Therapy Work?

  • Some say that magnets have a positive effect on the electromagnetic energy body of the body, that more magnetic fields are needed in the body for it to heal.
  • Magnets, they say, can increase the magnetic field and help you recover. More recent research have shown that magnets have an impact on ion channels which control pain signals, contraction of muscles and biological processes. Magnets work on these ion channels to block out nerve pain signals.
  • The strength of a magnet is measured in gauss units and different areas of the body require varying gauss strength to be effective. For instance, a finger which does not have much tissue depth may not require strong magnetic fields but the back or hip will need more gauss strength for full penetration.

Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

Using magnets for therapy is a non-invasive treatment and considered safe by practitioners. Magnetic healing therapy is said to penetrate deep muscle tissues quickly and bring down swelling, inflammation and pain. Magnetic therapy products may offer the same healing effects as ice and heat but act faster. They are commonly recommended for use on sports injuries and chronic pain conditions including tendonitis, wrist pain, chronic lower back pain, overuse syndrome and elbow pain. They are believed to also have a healing effect on fractures.

When to use Magnet as Therapy?

Magnet therapy products are generally used in the treatment of:
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches, especially migraines
  • Mild-to-moderate pain after surgery
  • Long-term chronic pain
  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Injuries to muscles, ligaments and tendons
  • Strains and sprains

When not to use Magnetic therapy?

  • Magnetic healing therapy should not be used on young children, pregnant women and on open wounds
  • Those with metal implants, a pacemaker
  • People who are using an insulin pump should not use magnetic therapy products because the magnetic fields can interfere with the functioning of these devices.

Magnet Therapy Products

  • There are several magnetic therapy products that you may find effective. There are magnetic bracelets, magnetic head bands, magnetic eye masks, and magnetic pads for pain.
  • Magnetic mattress pads are said to improve the quality of sleep, soothing out aches and pains, getting rid of all stress and promoting deep sleep.
  • There are magnetic therapy seat cushions that use 600 gauss magnetic strength to promote blood circulation and provide relief from aches and stiffness in the back and legs. Being lightweight, these cushions can easily be carried around.
  • Magnetic supports for the wrist, knee, elbow, ankle, head, neck, etc., provide effective magnetic therapy to relieve stress, pain and discomfort.
  • There are magnet neck collars which improve circulation and speed up healing with seven BMMI concentric circle magnets. BMMI magnets are for human medical use. These are concentric circles with unique magnetic field configuration ensuring that optimum magnetic field is applied to the affected area. Concentric circle magnetic fields allow the blood vessels to dilate and increase blood flow. They also bring down swelling. When placed over the eye, this magnet can relax the mind, reduce stress, sinus problems and headaches.
  • For foot/ankle and thumb pain there are supports made of neoprene; for the hand and wrist there are mitts with nine BMMI concentric circle magnets.
  • Magnetic head bands are considered suitable for headaches and stress.

Where to Buy Magnetic Therapy Products Online?

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