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A common solution for urinary incontinence is using urinary catheters. But sometimes catheters can be limiting as the pocketing of the drainage bag may become an issue.

What are the different types of Drainage Bag Accessories?

Some of the most common drainage bag accessories are:
  • Urinary leg bag holder
  • Urinary drainage bedside hanger
  • Leg bag straps
  • Quick drain valve
  • Extension tubing
  • Tubing clamp

Some Popular Drainage Bag Accessories

Leg Bag Straps

These universally sized leg bag straps can accommodate most vinyl leg bags and are more comfortable over latex leg bag straps perfect for those with latex allergies. These fabric straps eliminate problems like bruising, sores, limited circulation, hair pulling etc. caused by rubber straps. For example the Fitz-All Universal Reusable Fabric Leg Bag Straps from Urocare.

Night Drainage Sets

These sets provide an effective night drainage system when used in conjugation with external condom catheters, foley catheters, urostomy, suprapubic applications etc. These collection systems have an easy-to-open cap with wide opening that makes it convenient to empty and clean like in the Urocare Reusable Night Drain Bottle.

Drainage Bag Holders/Covers

These drain bag holders protect the dignity of the catheterize patient by hiding the urine bag from the public as with the Posey Urine Drainage Bag Holder. These covers have handles to be attached to the back or underside of a wheelchair. It must be ensured that the bag stays below the seat level.

Leg Bag Holder Garments

Such garments securely hold the leg bags into the built in pockets and hence protecting it from falling down and creating an embarrassing situation. Garments like Uro Concepts Unisex Two Pocket Leg Bag Holder Undergarment can be worn by anyone and with all types of catheters including nephrostomy (left, right, bi-lateral).

Where to buy Drainage Bag Accessories online?

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