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What is a Dressing Protector?

Dressing protectors are covers made of plastic or synthetic rubber-like material designed to protect surgical incisions, dressings, and vascular access sites while showering, sponge bathing, or any other daily activities involving water. Dressings are essential for wound healing, and it is important to protect them from any external damage to preserve the wound healing process.

A wound dressing protector keeps the dressing dry and gives protection against infection from waterborne bacteria to maintain the integrity of primary dressings. Dressing protector ensures that the patient’s personal hygiene is not hampered while recovering. The dressing protector forms a four-sided adhesion seal that completely covers the dressing and does not let steam or moisture damage the dressings. They are normally transparent films, and the bandage remains visible. They are shaped differently for varied body parts such as for the elbow, arm, feet, knee, etc.

Waterproof Dressing Protector protects

Health Products For You offers a vast catalog of bandage cover for finger, arms, elbows, knees, and legs in different sizes to protect compression wraps, casts, dressings, bandages while showering. The Shower Cover available with HPFY such as AquaGuard Moisture Barrier Dressing and Shower Shield Moisture Barrier, to name a few, are excellent self-adhesive moisture barriers that protect wound dressings, stomas, shunts, catheters, colostomies, and more.

Types of Dressing Protector for Showering

  • Arm Dressing Protectors
  • Arm Above Elbow Dressing Protectors
  • Leg Dressing Protectors
  • Leg Above Knee Dressing Protectors
  • Feet Dressing Protectors
  • Hand Dressing Protectors
  • Short Leg Dressing Protectors
  • Short Arm Dressing Protector

Benefits of Waterproof Wound Cover

A good quality, durable bandage cover offers a variety of advantages. It -

  • Protects wounds, dressing, and medical devices from getting wet and damaged.
  • Most patients can apply it without assistance
  • Prevents damage to dressing from external contaminants
  • Reduces the chances of infection
  • Comfortable and hassle-free use
  • Useful for securing the dressing while bathing or washing

Where can I buy Wound Protectors?

At HPFY, we have a wide range of superior quality and durable dressing protectors that protects you from infection while you enjoy a shower during recovery. These products are from top manufacturers like Shower Shield, Cenorin, Centurion Medical Products, Covalon Technologies, and many more.

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