Easy Openers

Easy Openers are especially designed for people with arthritis, weak grip and lack of hand strength. Opening a jar or bottle lid seems to be an impossible task for these people. Easy openers help in opening tight jars, bottles, cans and other slippery items with great ease and comfort. They make the users independent and allow them to open bottles without any assistance. Health Products For You provides different types of easy openers including jar opener, bottle opener, bag opener, can opener and universal opener. These products are designed by top-selling manufacturers like North Coast Medical, Enabling Devices, Essential Medical, Carex Health Brands, etc.

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Types of Easy Openers

  • Jar Opener: With the use of jar opener for arthritis, vacuum-sealed lids of jars can be opened with little effort. No twisting or turning with pressure is required to open the jar. 
  • Can Opener: Can opener is used to open cans without any pulling, twisting and struggling. 
  • Bottle Opener: Bottle opener for arthritic hands is designed to help people open standard bottles with great ease. 
  • Bag Opener: Bag opener is used to open a variety of plastic bags including those of potato chips. It is safer than knives or scissors and does not require any tugging and tearing. 
  • Universal Opener: Universal opener is a multi-functional tool that opens containers, packages, bottles and cans. It provides people with arthritis and other limitations the grip required to open most packaged items.