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Select from thousands of essential medical supplies

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Select from thousands of everyday items.

Set a delivery schedule: 15/30/45/60 Days

Set a delivery schedule

15/30/45/60 Days

Receive your products with 5% off on every order after the sign-up order

Receive your products

5% off every order after the sign-up order

1. HPFY's Auto-Reorder Service Description

Need medical supplies every 15 days, every month or every 3 months? Our Auto-Reorder service is the perfect solution for you! You can set up the auto reorder service when you're purchasing the product by choosing the reorder frequency and from that point on you will get delivery of your supplies at the frequency you picked without the hassle of reordering. You will get 5% off each order beginning with your second order.

2. Setting up Auto-Reordering

Setting up Auto-Reorder is simple and secure. Place an order and during checkout, select Auto-Reorder frequency, which is the frequency with which you would like to get your orders. And that's it! The system will automatically generate your order and charge your credit card for it at your selected frequency.

3. Auto-Reorder Cancellation

No longer need those medical supplies? To cancel your Auto-Reorder preference, log in to your account, click on “Auto-Reorder”, and then click on “Cancel Setup” in the list for the item you don't need anymore. Want to change the frequency of the order, or add items to your Auto-Reorder? Simply send us an email.

4. Changing Auto-Reorder Preferences

Please login to My Account and click on the Auto-Reorder section. Select and remove the products you wish not to receive anymore. Browse the website to select your new choice of product, add to cart, place an order and select Auto-Reorder at checkout. Your new item would be set on Auto-reorder as per your selected frequency. Please follow these steps if you need to change your preferences as to size, brand or frequency of any of your items.

5. Why is my Auto-Reorder cancelled?

In case of credit card rejection or payment cancellation, HPFY pauses the Auto-Reorder process and holds shipment for the relevant items. To resume Auto-Reorder, the customer must place a new order with a new Auto-Reorder setup and provide current and accurate credit card information.