Commode Aids

At HPFY we have a wide range of accessories that make the toileting task much easier for you and your loved ones. These products are reliable and safe, designed to accomplish specific requirements. We have a carefully assorted range of products that are designed for your convenience and comfort. There are commode aids for standard commodes, free standing commodes and bed pans. These aids include:

  • Toilet Seat: We carry toilet seats designed for specific products and those for general use. These are available with or without covers. Also we have toilet seats with transfer handles for safe and convenient transfers.
  • Toilet Seat Cushion: For individuals with fragile skin and pressure sores toilet seat cushions offer a comfortable alternative.  
  • Commode Pails and Lids: Commode pails and lids help in containment of fecal matter and its odor until it is disposed.
  • Toilet Liners: These liners can be used with bedside commodes and free standing commodes. They are convenient to use and help in easy disposal of fecal waste saving effort and time of cleaning the commode frequently.
  • Splash Guard: Splash guards are protective devices that help in deflecting splashes while using the commode maintaining hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Many other accessories like the Easy Wipe, Seat Attachments Brackets, Toilet Support, Water Filter, Anus Stimulator, Commode Casters, Toilet Paper, Deflector, Paper Holder and Seat Reducer Ring are also available. Everything that you need is just clicks away.

Try these toileting accessories to ease your difficulties. We have high quality products from well-known manufacturers like Medline Industries, Big John Products, Brondell and many more at best prices and exclusive discounts on each purchase at HPFY!

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