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What is Topical Skin Adhesive?

Topical skin adhesive, better known as skin glue is a special type of medical adhesive that is used to join the edges of a wound or a surgical incision together allowing the wound to heal below the joined skin layer. Skin glue is intended to be applied topically to join closed bordering skin edges of cuts due to surgical procedures or punctures from minimally invasive surgery and thoroughly cleansed, traumatic lacerations. Skin glue is suitable for both children and adults.

Skin Adhesive is used for minor wounds or cuts that are not more than 6-10 cm long and possess straight edges that can be easily joined together. The scar from the joined skin of the wound might take about six months to fade. It is usually observed that topical skin adhesives may leave neater scars than other closure methods, like staples, stitches and adhesive strips.

When to use Topical Skin Adhesives?

Skin glue may also be used along with other wound closure methods like stitches to close the edges of larger wounds. Skin glue may be used after procedures like:
  • Laproscopy
  • Vasectomy
  • Groin incisions
  • Removal of benign skin lesions

When to avoid using Topical Skin Adhesives?

Skin glue should not be used in case of:
  • Wounds with jagged or uneven borders
  • Deep wounds
  • Bleeding wounds
  • Infected wounds
  • Animal bites
  • Puncture wounds
  • Ulcers

Where to Buy Topical Skin Adhesives Online?

HPFY offers skin adhesives from top manufacturers like Mckesson and Johnson & Johnson Services that come with a convenient applicator tip for safe and easy application, like the popular Dermabond Advanced Topical Skin Adhesive that also serves as a microbial barrier. LIQUIBAND Exceed Topical Skin Adhesive by Mckesson helps in the closure of both trauma and minor surgical wounds.