Respiratory needs can be varied and choosing the right type of product is important. We carry a whole range of products that will meet all your respiratory care needs. There are nebulizer systems, oxygen supplies, products for asthma, allergy relief products, tracheostomy care, CPAP/BiPAP machines as well as products designed for suction therapy. Oxygen therapy systems help in providing oxygen supply. Nebulizers are used to provide relief from asthma and other related respiratory problems. CPAP/BiPAP machines help in the treatment of sleep disorders, sleep apnea, congestive heart failure and severe respiratory distress. Suction therapy machines help in the removal of bronchial secretions from the throat. Tracheostomy supplies aid in the care of a tracheostomy. Children’s respiratory products are designed keeping their delicate needs and interest at heart.

Our range features all types of respiratory products to suit all types of needs - whether you need to use the product on-the-go or are looking to treat yourself from the comforts of your home. These products are made from high-quality materials to provide effective results with optimum comfort to the users. At HPFY, we offer respiratory supplies from various top-selling manufacturers like Respironics, Drive Medical, Devilbiss, Carefusion Corporation, Responsive Respiratory Inc., etc.

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Since all individuals do not suffer from the same respiratory disorder, a wide range of respiratory care products are required to fulfill their specific needs. Different categories of respiratory products are explained in detail below:

Oxygen Therapy Supplies

An important element of respiratory treatment is oxygen supply. To provide quality and uninterrupted oxygen supply we have several types of oxygen concentrators, oxygen regulators, oxygen cylinders, etc. 

Oxygen Concentrators - portable oxygen concentrators and stationary oxygen concentrators. Our Invacare oxygen concentrators, DeVilbiss oxygen concentrators, Inogen portable concentrators, Respironics oxygen concentrators are popular for their durability, performance and enhanced quality. The Everflo oxygen concentrator is another top brand. Our HomeFill oxygen systems allow for safe filling of oxygen cylinders at home from home oxygen concentrator units providing unlimited supply of refillable ambulatory pure oxygen. 

Oxygen Conserver Regulators maintain the flow rate of oxygen through flow-adjustment knobs. We have Velocity oxygen regulators, oxygen regulators for portable tanks, medical oxygen regulators, DeVilbiss pulse oxygen regulators and home oxygen regulators which administer oxygen supply to the patient ensuring correct dosage. 

Oxygen Cylinders come in a wide variety like portable oxygen cylinders, HomeFill oxygen tanks, medical oxygen tanks, Invacare oxygen tanks, Invacare HomeFill oxygen cylinders, small portable oxygen cylinders and more. These tanks can easily be transported around providing greater freedom to patients. Also available are oxygen cylinder carrying bags, oxygen cylinder wrenches, oxygen cylinder carts for transportation and oxygen cylinder stands and racks. 

At Health Products For You, you will also find pulse oximeters for checking oxygen level of blood and oxygen therapy disposable items like cannulas, tubings, masks and resuscitators.

Nebulizer/Compressor Systems

Nebulizers provide relief to people with asthma and other related respiratory problems. We have a variety of nebulizer machines ranging from travel size nebulizers, ultrasonic nebulizer units, disposable nebulizer type, nebulizer air compressors, compact nebulizer machines, hand-held asthma nebulizers, tabletop nebulizer machines, reusable nebulizers and more. Popular buys are our DeVilbiss nebulizer compressors, Pari Trek S compact compressors, Pari Viosaerosol nebulizers, Respironics Innospire Mini Nebulizers, DeVilbiss Pulmomate compressor nebulizer system 4650D and Drive nebulizer machines. 

Our asthma and allergy care machines offer relief from allergies and asthma-related difficulties. We have peak flow meters to measure your air movement in the lungs, PEP therapy devices which clear the airway for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) patients, vaporizers to provide relief from cough and congestion, as well as asthma inhalers and spacers which deliver medication into the lungs. 

Asthma inhalers and spacers are portable with hand-held devices available as metered dose inhalers (MDI) and dry powder inhalers. There are products from top manufacturers of respiratory items with quality inhalers for asthma like Respironics optichamber, inhalers for kids in exciting designs, Monaghan Aerobika therapy systems, AeroChamber inhalers. Top brands are available including Airial, Aero Trach Plus, AeroVent Plus, Hudson RCI, OptiChamber, etc.

CPAP/BiPAP Machines

CPAP/BiPAP machines are continuous positive airway pressure machines used in the treatment of sleep apnea, sleep disorders, congestive heart failure, severe respiratory distress. The machine uses mild pressure to keep the airway open and provide sound sleep. BiPAP are bilevel (or two-level) positive airway pressure machines which are similar to CPAP except that they have two pressure settings – one pressure for inhalation and a lower one for exhalation. 

This allows the user to take in more air. We have a series of CPAP machines, CPAP masks and CPAP humidifiers, among other items. Our machine variety includes travel CPAP machines, smallest BiPAP, Transcend auto mini CPAP machine with EZEX, portable BiPAP and DeVilbiss CPAP. Also available are CPAP masks and much more from top makers like Respironics, DeVilbiss, Fisher & Paykel, Somnetics International, Sunset Healthcare, etc.

Suction Therapy

Patients with inability to clear their throat will need suction machines to help in the removal of bronchial secretions. Suction therapy includes products like suction machine/aspirators, suction catheters, suction instrument, bacterial filters and chest drainage. There are portable suction machines and stationary suction machines which display ease of operation, are reliable and durable.

  • Bacterial filters are used to protect the vacuum system from contamination and collection bottle overflow. These filters prevent fluid and aerosol contamination of portable suction systems. We have quality bacterial filters from Allied Healthcare, DeVilbiss, Drive Medical, Precision Medical and Graham-Field. 

  • Suction instrument section complements the suction machines/aspirators we have and are to be used with them. There are nasal suction aspirators, suction tubes, yankauers, mucus specimen traps, suction tubing connectors and mucus specimen traps. 

  • Chest drainage items are designed to remove fluid or air from the pleural space of mediastinyum and include drainage valves, chest catheters, drainage tubes and more. Product variety includes suction regulators, DeVilbiss suction machine filters, baby nasal aspirators, adult nasal aspirators, DeVilbiss suction machine carry bags, suction canister wall mounts, nasal syringes, nebulizer bags and DeVilbiss Vacu Aide compact suction unit.

Tracheostomy Supplies

We offer a variety of tracheostomy products to aid in the care of a tracheostomy. We have tracheostomy tubes, tracheostomy humidifiers, tracheostomy stoma covers, tracheostomy dressings, tracheostomy speaking valves, tracheostomy masks, tracheostomy cleaning aids, endotracheal and laryngectomy products. 

Commonly required tracheostomy products are Bivona trach tubes, Shiley tracheostomy tubes, Portex tracheostomy tube, Shiley inner cannulas, Jackson laryngectomy tubes, tracheostomy tube holders, tracheostomy collars, tracheostomy caps, tracheostomy humidification compressor, tracheostomy stoma covers, fenestrated tracheostomy tube and tracheostomy heat moisture exchangers.

Respiratory Care Supplies for Kids

A separate section for children features kids nebulizer systems, kids nebulizer sets, kids nebulizer masks, kids air purifiers, kids humidifiers, inhalers and spacers, kids sinus relief, pediatric suction and kids CPAP masks in attractive designs. 

The designs of nebulizer systems, humidifiers, masks and sinus relief equipment in kids’ category are made to look like their favorite animal characters like dogs, jellyfish, elephant, dragon, fish and seal. This keeps the attention of the children riveted to the design of the product allowing the caregiver to administer the medicine uninterrupted. 

We also carry humidifiers with built-in ionizers, oil diffusers, cool mist and ultrasonic humidifiers. Our air purifiers are useful too with a choice from HEPA filters air purifiers, carbon air purifiers, ionizer air purifiers or ultraviolet light air purifiers. Spirometers for measuring air volume breathed in and out are available from manufacturers like Cardinal Health, Schiller America, Smiths Medical and Teleflex Inc. Hudson breathing exercisers, like the Hudson RCI Air-Eze Incentive deep breathing exerciser, are designed for patients to exercise their lungs and measure air volume.

Sinus relief products – like steam inhalers, nasal sprays and nasal irrigation – can be bought at great discounts. Using steam inhalers for respiratory complications due to dry air passages is quite effective. We have kids steam inhalers, hand-held steam inhalers, portable steam inhalers and steam inhalers for sinus headaches. Our products are from reliable brands like Health Smart and Vicks. 

Allergies can really be troublesome and keeping beddings free of allergens is important. We have allergy-free beddings including allergy-free comforters and duvets, anti-allergy pillows, anti-allergy bed sheets, anti-allergy mattress pads and toppers plus more.