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Shoehorns - Introduction | Metal vs Plastic Shoehorns | How to use | Best Buying Shoehorn Products

What is a Shoehorn?

Shoehorn is used to wear the shoes comfortably without damaging them. It help keep the shoes in good condition and prevent any kind of scrunching in their back while putting them on. Shoe helpers are especially useful for stiff-backed shoes. Long-handled shoe horns are designed for individuals who have limited flexibility and difficulty bending over to help them slip on their footwear easily.

Metal vs. Plastic Shoehorns

  • Flexibility: Plastic shoehorns are more flexible than metal shoehorns. This makes them somewhat easier to use, especially in the case of very stiff shoes. Metal shoehorns do not bend like plastic ones, which makes them easier to use with some other types of shoes.
  • Weight: Plastic shoe horns do not involve any heavy lifting because plastic is almost weightless. Metal shoe horns are somewhat heavier than plastic ones.
  • Durability: Metal shoe horns are generally long lasting and recommended for everyday use. On the other hand, plastic ones do not last long with frequent use. They do not provide the support and strength of metal ones.
  • Colors: Plastic shoehorns are more colorful and come in a variety of fun shades and designs.

How to use a Shoe horn?

  • Position the blade of the shoehorn in the heel area, against the back of the shoe.
  • Slip the tip of foot in the front of the shoe and heel against the blade of the shoehorn.
  • Press down with the heel on the blade of the shoehorn.
  • Smooth surface of the shoehorn allows easy slipping of heel into the shoe.
  • Once the heel is inside the shoe, pull out the shoehorn gently.

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