Cymed Two-Piece

Cymed is a well-known manufacturer of ostomy products. Cymed Two-piece ostomy pouches attach to the Cymed Microskin barrier. It is an adhesive barrier that attaches to your skin to keep the pouch in place. Microskin is a thin polyurethane polymer film that is latex free and hypoallergenic. Microskin technology emphasizes greatly on durability and comfort. Microskin has an ability to stretch up to 500% of its own size providing you with unparalleled comfort while wearing. Microskin is durable and comfortable even in tough situations and under water. This feature has made it very popular among healthcare professionals as well as young ostomates with active lifestyle. You can depend upon it!

Advantages of Microskin:

  • Breathability: Mikro skin is breathable. Air can pass through it but it is not moisture and bacteria permeable. This feature allows the skin to repair naturally while preventing skin breakdown.
  • Water Proof: Since the barrier is water proof it can be worn during swimming and showering.
  • Thin: microskin barrier is very thin. It stretches and contours very easily with your skin making it extremely comfortable. 
  • Dependable: it is durable even under extreme conditions.

Cymed Washers are designed to offer an extra layer of protection to the skin that immediately surrounds the stoma. It is very comfortable and made up of naturally extracted citrus peels. These washers are basically pectin based hydrocolloids. Washers also provide absorption and a comparatively longer wear time. They are good for managing minor convexities in recessed stoma openings.

Try the popular Cymed MicroSkin Two-Piece Drainable Pouch with MicroSkin Adhesive Barrier, Cymed MicroSkin Two-Piece Transparent Skin Barriers with Thin MicroDerm Washer or the Cymed MicroSkin Two-Piece Cut-to-Fit Plain Adhesive Barrier for best results. Buy Cymed Two-piece ostomy pouches at best prices and attractive discounts on HPFY!

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