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Lumbar Support Cushion

A lumbar cushion is an ergonomically designed orthopedic cushion usually made of memory foam or fibre foam, which provides maximum support to the spine and relieves low back pain. The lumbar pillow provides effective distribution of weight while supporting the natural curve of the spine. It properly aligns your neck, shoulders, and pelvis. It promotes a healthy and comfortable posture and solves your musculoskeletal conditions. The cushion is easy to fit on different chairs, ideal for office chairs, home chairs, wheelchairs, and even car seats. These are highly flexible and can be easily molded according to your specific needs.

Most of us experience back pain at some point in time. It becomes more evident when your job demands long hours of sitting at a desk. The back pain makes it uncomfortable to sit, stand, and sometimes even sleep. A myriad of reasons causes back pain. Some of them may include a simple case of muscle strain or poor posture or something severe like injuries or ruptured disc. Sitting at the desk for a prolonged period contributes to most mild cases of back pain, which is avoided by taking simple measures like using a lumbar support cushion.

A lumbar cushion is the best ergonomic accessory for providing the right support to your spine. Health Products For You prides itself on providing a comprehensive selection of lumbar pillows and rolls that liberate you from lower back pain and give you better posture. Use it at home, office, or car; these cushions are sure to relieve you from lower backaches, soreness, and unwanted lower back pressure by maintaining proper posture and adjustability. Our catalog features top-selling cushions such as OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll, Core Luniform Lumbar Support Cushion, ObusForme Lowback Backrest, Core Sitback Plus Lumbar Support, and many more. Browse our catalog and pick one that best suits your needs.

How lumbar cushion helps in relieving back pain?

The human spine is a strong but flexible structure. It consists of vertebrae separated by discs and supported by muscles and ligaments. When you are standing or on the move, it does not require the support of the lower back to be strong and agile. After sitting for a long time, we have a natural tendency to slouch or lean forward, a motion that often pushes your lower back outward. It is an unnatural spine curve and puts pressure on the lower back tissues, leading to muscle fatigue and soreness. This discomfort gradually intensifies and develops into back pain, which affects your general wellbeing and productivity.

A lumbar roll is carefully designed to sit in the inward curve of your lower back to support its structures. The lumbar cushion supports your back and reduces strain making your seated position as comfortable as possible. It helps you to sit in an upright position and to have an improved posture. The adjustable strap of the cushion or roll allows it to attach to any chair or seat, thereby improving your posture wherever you are. No matter where you sit, a good quality lumbar cushion provides you better back support, better spine alignment, and improved posture.

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Where to buy a Lumbar Cushion online?

HPFY offers a broad array of lumbar cushions and rolls that may provide you with relief from back pain caused due to long hours of sitting. These cushions are from leading manufacturers like Core Products, OPTP, ObusForme, Essential Medical, and many more. Suffering from back pain due to continuous stress on your lower back is a thing of the past. Get yourself a lumbar cushion and put an end to your nagging back pain. Get back to doing the things you love.

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