Abdominal Pads

Abdominal pads or laparotomy pad is a dressing used for the absorption of discharges from abdominal wounds, or for packing abdominal viscera to increase exposure during surgery. Abdominal Pads are also known as ABD Dressings, are often preferred for large wounds or for highly exuding wounds that require high absorbency. Abdominal (ABD) dressings originated from the military where they were used to treat battle wounds. ABD is an acronym for “Army Battle Dressing”. ABD wound dressings are made with a thick absorbent layer of gauze that disperses fluids in order to keep them from accumulating upon the wound site. The edges of ABD dressings are sealed and the dressing back is specially designed to prevent strike-through.

What are the features of ABD Dressings?

  • Super absorbent
  • Soft non-woven exterior layer that draws off fluid to the cellulose center in a speedy manner
  • Middle thick cellulose layer to rapidly soak up and spread over fluids to avoid pooling
  • Hydrophobic back resists strike through
  • Peripheries are sealed to avoid linting
  • Provide Infection protection
  • Avoids the growth of moist routes that can cause contamination.


Popular Abdominal Pads:

Choose from a wide selection of abdominal pads available in sterile or non-sterile versions. Try the Curity Tendersorb Abdominal Pads form Medtronic Covidien that comes with Wet Proof Barrier to retard fluid strike-through or the Super Absorbent Abdominal Pads from Medline that disperses fluids laterally to prevent pooling. Select from Top quality products by well-known manufacturers like Covidien/Medtronic, Medline Industries, Cardinal Health, Dumex/Derma Sciences, Dynarex Corporation, Mckesson and Reliamed.