Hair Grooming Aids

Hair Grooming Aids are designed for those individuals who have limited grasp and strength in their hands. They make hair brushing an easy task. With the use of these personal hygiene aids, proper hair care can be maintained. They are appropriate for use in hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes and other long term care centers. Health Products For You features a large selection of hair grooming aids like hair dryer and styler, hair brushes, lice cure kits, beauty scissors, etc. HPFY offers such hair grooming aids from various top selling manufacturers like Revlon, Earth Therapeutics, Bed Heads, Dynarex Corporation, etc. Choose the ones that best suit your needs and shop them at discounted prices!

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Hair dryers, as the name suggests, are used to dry hair, prevent frizz and easily detangle them. They can be held in hand or can even be attached to a wall or table for easy and convenient use. Hair brushes help in combing and massaging hair. They come in a wide variety to cater specific user requirements. Beauty scissors are designed to trim facial hair. Lice cure kits are also available to keep hair clean, hygienic and free from lice.

Types of Hair Grooming Aids

There are different types of hair grooming aids available which make hair drying, detangling, brushing, etc. very easy and convenient.

Hair Dryer and Styler

Hair dryer and styler evenly distributes heat to the hair, which reduces the size of water droplets and dries the hair quickly. They prevent frizz and add volume by infusing moisture into hair. Hair dryer detangles and smoothes the hair in half the time with less frizz and more shine. Hair styler seals the hair cuticle for shiny, lustrous, all day long styles.

Hair Brushes

Hair brushes are made up of the finest quality bristles. They gently massage the scalp, distributing natural oils along the length of the hair and cleaning hair follicles. Regular brushing keeps the hair naturally soft, shiny, manageable, healthy and easier to style.Hot air brushes give natural bounce and extra shine to all types of hair with less effort.

Lice Cure Kit

Lice cure kits are formulated with lice cure solutions to kill the adult lice and loosen the egg from the hair. They keep the hair clean and hygienic.